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"I'll do better 'n that," chuckled the man. "Have a cigar." "Thank you," said P. Sybarite politely, accepting the peace offering. "All I need now is a match: I acknowledge the habit." The match supplied, he smoked in silence. Four minutes passed, by the clock: no sign of the manager, Shaynon, or Mrs. Strone. "Story?" the detective suggested at length. "Plant," retorted P. Sybarite as tersely.

And when an old lady living next the school laid a vicious complaint against Speug and some other genial spirits for having broken one of her windows in a snowball fight, he made no sign and uttered no threat, but in the following autumn he was in a position to afford a ripe pear to each boy in the four upper forms except the Dowbiggins, who declined politely and to distribute a handful for a scramble among the little boys.

Tranquillize your nerves, reseat yourself, and listen, reseat yourself, I say." Louvier dropped into his chair. "No," resumed the Vicomte, politely, "I do not come here to insult you, neither do I come to ask money; I assume that I am in my rights when I ask Monsieur Louvier what has become of Louise Duval?" "Louise Duval! I know nothing about her."

Here the doors of the railway carriages were thrown open, and we were politely requested to alight. We stepped out upon a platform swarming with fierce gendarmes, whom I regarded attentively, wondering which of them was destined to become my protector. From the platform we were ushered into a large room communicating by a narrow passage with a second room, into which our baggage was being carried.

He seconded this act of kindness by one still greater, politely telling me that, though it was customary to examine the baggage of every traveller passing through his country, yet, in the present instance, he would dispense without ceremony, adding, I was at liberty to depart when I pleased.

Dr Johnson politely refrained from opposing directly an observation which the duke himself had made; but said, 'Man must be very different from other animals, if he is diminished by good living; for the size of all other animals is increased by it. I made some remark that seemed to imply a belief in second sight.

"What is all this about?" asked the amazed princess. "If you please, madam," replied the head-cook, politely, "we are cooking the wedding-dinner of Prince Riquet with the Tuft, who is to be married to-morrow." "To-morrow!" cried the princess, all at once recollecting her promise; at which she was so frightened that she thought she should have fallen to the earth.

In the meantime she was safe, and the boy was the blessedest boy in creation. These things done, they were just in the humour to have a lark with Betty. So they unbolted the door, rang the bell, and when Betty appeared, red-faced and wrathful, asked her very gravely and politely whether they were not going to have some dinner before they went back to school: they had now but twenty minutes left.

And, also very politely, "From whence came you and what willst thou?" The chuckling heads bobbed above the rows of desks. The head clerk himself had to gaze window-ward to smother his smile. "Gramercy, kind sir " "Gramercy? Eh, what? Gramercy?" "Gramercy Park you know where Gramercy Park is? Or didn't you ask me where I came from?" "Oh-h-Oh-h, yes."

Craig held out his hand and she took it quickly, gazing into his eyes. Craig bowed politely, not quite knowing what to do under the circumstances. If he had been less of a scientist, he might have understood the look on her face, but, with a nod to me, he turned, and went. As she looked first at him, then at the paltry ten thousand in her hand, Elaine stamped her little foot in vexation.

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