"It is I, Mademoiselle," replied Julien, with embarrassment, "it is I who ought to ask pardon for having caused all this disturbance. But I do not intend to trouble you any longer. If you will kindly furnish us with a guide who will direct us to the road to Vivey, we will depart to-night and sleep at the chateau." "No, indeed," protested Reine, very cordially.

At this place my companion sold much of his merchandize; but on account of war raging in the country, we determined to depart, and calling with much danger over a gulf 20 leagues broad, we came to the large island of Zailon, or Ceylon. The author, as on many other occasions, gives the name of the country to the capital.

A dozen times had Miss Devine determined to end the matter by formal acceptance of her elderly admirer's large and flabby hand, and a dozen times the vision intervening of the stranger's grave, believing eyes had Miss Devine refused decided answer. The stranger would one day depart. Indeed, he had told her himself, he was but a passing traveller. When he was gone it would be easier.

For this sanatory measure, however, Dorothea, who had recovered consciousness, seemed to entertain an unaccountable repugnance. She consented, indeed, to lie down for an hour or two, but could not conceal a wild, restless anxiety to depart as soon as possible.

She resolved to depart, but not until after a delay by which she meant to profit to the utmost. We shall soon see what success attended her schemes.

I might shake my bridle-reins till I was tired and nothing would come of it unless Brutus was in the humour to depart; so that I was able to assure her with truth that I was not at all that kind of person. 'Then why not let your heart speak? 'There is such a thing, I said gloomily, 'as a heart that is gagged. 'Can no word, no hint of mine loosen the gag? she wished to know.

We didn't make slavery; but, if Virginia wants slaves, by God, sir, she shall have slaves!" It was after such a discussion in the Governor's library that the old gentleman rose one evening to depart in his wrath.

After that I'll have to comply with some formalities, owing to last night's affair, and then if the Governor General arrives this afternoon, we can deliver our letters and depart. It seems strange, Robert, that we should be here such a little while and that both you and I should fight duels. Perhaps it will be Tayoga's turn today, and he too will have to fight."

"Be that as you will, my lord," grumbled the bandit-chief. "And now let us depart for I have much to communicate to your lordship." "I am ready to accompany you," returned the marquis, putting on his plumed hat, and settling his cloak with his left hand. "One word, my lord," said Isaachar, in his habitual nervous and trembling tone.

All the men on whose work Wagner was fed and brought up had their roots in a past that is now dead and buried. Had he been born a few years earlier he might have worn a wig; the stock was not to depart for many a year to come. A man might still, without causing remark, wear coats, waistcoats and trousers of many hues. The old world was going fast, but it had not gone.