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I could bear it better if he did," whispered Doris. "Not care for you, my dearie? Why, what ever can you be thinking of?" protested Granny Grimshaw. "He's eating his very heart out for you, and I verily believe he'd kill himself sooner than make you unhappy." "Ah! You don't understand," sighed Doris. "He only wants material things." "Oh, my dear, my dear!" said Granny Grimshaw.

"Whenever I think of the police I laugh," said Miss Ingate in an unsettled voice. "I can't help it. They can't possibly suspect. And they're looking everywhere, everywhere! I can't help laughing." And suddenly she burst into tears. "Oh! Now! Winnie, dear. Don't spoil it all!" Audrey protested, jumping up. Madame Piriac, who had hitherto maintained the most complete passivity, restrained her.

"You ought ter see me two weeks from now," he protested. "I get all sunburnt and hard hard as anything!" The young man was incredulous. "You were near getting sunstruck when I picked you up," he laughed. "If you're going to Hunter's Island, why didn't you go to Pelham Manor?" "That's right!" assented Jimmie eagerly. "But I wanted to save the ten cents so's to send Sadie to the movies.

Even when the Union was agreed to by the Parliaments of both kingdoms, and took effect formally in May, 1707, difficulties arose in putting the details in operation, and Defoe prolonged his stay in Scotland through the whole of that year. In this visit to Scotland Defoe protested to the world at the time that he had gone as a diplomatist on his own account, purely in the interests of peace.

"Oh, no, indeed; PLEASE don't bother!" protested Sammy, eagerly. But Anthony only laughed and gave her a hand up. Sammy settled herself on the Spanish saddle with a sigh of satisfaction. "I've always wanted to ride your horse!" said she, delightedly, as the big muscles moved smoothly under her. Anthony smiled. "She's the handsomest mare here-abouts," said he.

The bed-room steward keeping guard over the baggage helped put-it together after the search, and protested that March had feed him so handsomely that he would stay there with it as long as they wished.

They had never laid all this on the table before them, so to speak, but both had realized it from the beginning. They had walked beside the social precipice serene, but aware of the depths and the heights. "I hate to be limited by the opinions, the prejudices, of other people, of any one," the man protested.

Ricard protested, a loud exchange of words took place in which Marguerite had her share insisting that all the papers on the table belonged to Ricard, and she should like to see the man who could have the impudence to prevent his taking them.

"Oh, no, sir," protested Hilma, still breathless. "Oh, no, indeed not." "Well, what then?" Hilma made a little uncertain movement of ignorance. "I don't know what." "Well, the League agreed to-day that if the test cases were lost in the Supreme Court you know we've appealed to the Supreme Court, at Washington we'd fight." "Fight?" "Yes, fight." "Fight like like you and Mr.

"Don't you understand?" she objected. "I may choose to believe that this home making for poor Nan and her waif is merely a bit of tardy justice on your part and honor you for it. But nobody else will take that view of it. If you keep her in that little cabin of yours, Mountain View Avenue will have a fit and very properly." "I don't see why it should," he protested densely. "Don't you?