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Then resentment burst through: "They don't have to talk like she was a back number on Broadway, just because she was tired of the stage and going in for movies!" District Attorney Sanderson took her in hand then, pelting her with questions about Nita's New York "gentlemen friends," but he made no more headway than Dundee. "We know that Nita Selim was afraid of someone!"

First in the Silver Fox Patrol comes Roy Blakeley that's me. I'm patrol leader and I've got eleven merit badges. I've got two sisters too. One of them is crazy about the movies. I've got seven scouts to look after and Captain Kidd, the parrot he's our mascot. Our patrol color is green and he's green with a yellow neck. He's got one merit badge-for music. Good night!

"I'm only glad Madam isn't going to be here this morning. By the way," the girl added, curiously, "who's your letter from? You and your friend trying to break into the movies?" "My goodness, no!" gasped Nan. "I have no desire to act and I'm sure I have no ability." "It might be fun," Bess said doubtfully. "But do you all have to paint up so awfully?" "Yes.

During the course of lunch she confided that her name was Kitty Mason, that she was an orphan, and that she was on her way to New York to study at a school for moving-picture actresses. "I sent my photograph and the manager wrote back that my face was one hundred per cent perfect for the movies," the girl explained.

"That's no way for a wife to talk. When I mention business you're supposed to look at me with ill-concealed awe. But to get down to brass tacks, I've watched the audiences for four or five weeks, and I am beginning to size them up. And I don't believe you can put over any grand-opera stuff on 'em." "It doesn't make the least bit of difference whether it's grand-opera or the movies, my lord.

When I received the Tremonton films I took them right over to the Wright Field photo lab, along with the Montana Movie, and the photo technicians and I ran them twenty or thirty times. The two movies were similar in that in both of them the objects appeared to be large circular lights in neither one could you see any detail.

You see, Santa Claus is a great big Newfoundland dog with a white beard, and he lives in a frosty kennel at the North Pole, all shining with icicles round the roof and windows. But it's so far away from everywhere that poor Santa couldn't get a servant. All the maids who went there refused to stay because it was so cold and lonely, and so far from the movies.

Anyhow, night was the time for movies. She drove on, and the brick business buildings gave out into a dribble of small frame cottages, mostly shabby. Edith Webb was coming out of her father's gate. Mrs. Egg made an eighth halt and yelled, "Hey, Edie, Dammy'll be home Wednesday night," for the pleasure of seeing the pretty girl flush. Adam had taken Edith to several dances at Christmas. Mrs.

She called herself a little fool for being agitated, but she couldn't get rid of the thought that only men snapped their fingers like that. "Goin' to the movies, Miss Golden?" "No, I was just going for a little walk." "Well, say, walks, that's where I live. Why don't you invite Uncle Phil to come along and show you the town?

But I could read his thoughts; everybody would assume that he had been "on location" with one of his stars; and anyhow, what the hell? Wasn't he Abey Tszchniczklefritszch? "Wor-r-r-r-r! Wor-r-r-r-r-r!" snarled the horn of the car; and I could understand the meaning of this also. It said: "I am the car of Abey Tszchniczklefritszch, king of the movies, future king of the world.