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"I'd get in," he said, "but I'd hate to take yo' money." "Don't let that worry yuh," the big-chested gambler snarled. "Sit in, or shut up and get out!" If Kid Wolf was angered, he made no sign of it. His lips still smiled, as he drew a chair up to the table. "Deal me in," he drawled. The atmosphere of the game seemed to change.

"You'll talk now or never " Dykeman's shrill threat was interrupted by the shriller bell of the telephone. He yanked the instrument to him, and the "Hello!" he cried into it had the snap of an oath. He looked up and shoved the thing in my direction. "Calling for you, Boyne," he snarled.

I snarled, grabbing up my pencil and assuming a frightfully industrious air: "Come in!" I almost savagely repeated, "Come in! And shut the door behind you!" and I dropped my lids, bent my gaze fixedly upon the blank pages before me and began scrawling some disconnected nothings with no head or tail or anything. "Sir; howdy," said a low and pleasant voice.

"I believe she's just the one for you, but you can see she isn't of the common kind. She knows as well as you and me how people would talk, especially if her story came out, as like enough it will." "Hang people!" snarled the farmer. "Yes, a good lot of 'em deserve hanging, but it wouldn't help you any just now.

"You'd better keep your eyes open, my friend, though you've got a sharp pair in your head sharp as Beauty Steele's almost. There's rascals in the river-side drinking-places that don't let the left hand know what the right does." "My dogs and I never trust anybody," said the Forgotten Man, as one of the dogs snarled at the landlord's touch.

I haven't let her get snarled up in the rope one single time, and I don't show I'm afraid, do I?" "I should never suspect it for an instant," said Mrs. Baxter encouragingly. "I've often envied you your bold, brave look!" Elisha appeared distinctly pleased. "I haven't cried, either, when she's dragged me over the pasture bars and peeled my legs.

'He's to be took care of, says she, 'treated kind and gentle, says she. And, mark me, here's Belvedere's nose out o' joint, d'ye see? And, talkin' o' noses, there's your eye, Job; sink me but he wiped your eye for you, my " "Plague and perish him!" snarled Job, kicking me viciously. "Burn him, 'tis keelhaul 'im I would first and then give 'im to Pompey to carve up what remained "

Another time, when Strang's condition seemed more promising, the brother said: "Doc, you're a wonder, and all this time I've forgotten to ask your name." "None of your damn business. Don't bother me. Get out." The mangled right arm ceased from its healing, burst open again in a frightful wound. "Necrosis," said Linday. "That does settle it," groaned the brother. "Shut up!" Linday snarled.

"Oh! you're not going to scare me," cried Ike fiercely. "There's the police just at hand if I wants help. Now then, where's that rope?" "What rope?" growled the ruffian. "I don't know about no ropes." "They threw it out of the window, Ike," I cried. "That's a lie," snarled the man. "There ain't never been no ropes here."

Orn lifted one great shoulder. "Ye ain't got nothin' on me, Burnett," he snarled defiantly, "but I know ye wouldn't be comin' 'round here if ye didn't have somethin' to come fer." The warden shoved his grim face so close to the speaker's that he drew back, intimidated. "Sure, I come for something," snorted Burnett, viciously. "Then peel it off," answered Skinner, deep in his throat.