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I have known a lady's veil to be thus humorously torn from her face and carried off in the open streets at noon; and I have had the honour of myself giving chase, on Westminster Bridge, to another young Ruffian, who, in full daylight early on a summer evening, had nearly thrown a modest young woman into a swoon of indignation and confusion, by his shameful manner of attacking her with this cry as she harmlessly passed along before me.

Beats all how a decent girl can take up with a ruffian and a scoundrel." "That will be enough from you, seh," Yeager told him sharply. Purdy nodded. "Jim's right, Brill. This man has got what was coming to him. It ain't proper to jump him right now, when he's down and out." "Awful tender-hearted you boys are.

There was a wretched woman violer, with her jackanapes, and with her husband, a hang-dog ruffian, she bearing the mark of his fist on her eye, and commonly trailing far behind him with her brat on her back. There was a blind man, with his staff, who might well enough answer to Keen-eye, that is, when no strangers were in sight.

"You had best get out of my sight, lest I run you through for your impudence!" Slippery Seal, seeing how matters were going, now raised a cry for help. "Help! help! Watchmen, to the rescue! Here is a desperate young ruffian seeking to murder the Queen's subjects in broad daylight! Help, I say, and take the young braggart before the magistrates!

Lying amidships was a good-sized water-breaker; and one of the gang, a little, hooknosed ruffian, with a villainous face and wearing a filthy print shirt with the tails outside his pants, kept tapping it with a piece of wood to show us by the hollow sound that it was empty. 'Pass it up on deck, you monkey-faced swine, said Alan. 'Why didn't you fill it when you were ashore?

Nadasti came to his rendezvous in time; Ruffian Trenck did not: Nadasti grew tired of waiting for Trenck, and attacked the Camp by himself: Camp, but not any men; Camp being now empty, and the men all fighting, ranked at right angles to it, furlongs and miles away.

Where's your goose?" I could hear the bushrangers indulge in a chuckling laugh, as though the language used to their companion was relished. "Stop your mouth, you dirty , or I'll stuff a goose down your throat!" shouted the ruffian, furious with rage. "You?" she asked, contemptuously; "why, if my old man was within sound of my voice, you would run like a sheep from a dog.

"Cloete passes by with a damn bitter laugh, because he thinks that the fellow in a way has paid him off already, if he only knew it." My impressive ruffian drank what remained of his beer, while his black, sunken eyes looked at me over the rim. "I don't quite understand this," I said. "In what way?"

In a passion I seized a knife that was lying by me, and leaped upon Nerba, the ruffian who had once fired at me, and had held me by the hair while my eyes were being injured, as well as during the preliminaries for my execution. Wilson and Karak Sing checked me, and took the knife out of my hand.

A powerful ruffian now dismounted, and catching up a second babe, a pretty little thing scarcely two years old, hurled it with his utmost strength high into the air. On gaining its greatest altitude, it turned completely, and was descending, head downwards.