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It was the moment that Laodice had avoided fearfully ever since she had gathered from that winsome stranger by the roadside that his companion was her husband.

"We are both his wards, my lord, and shall be thanes when we come of age." "And how is it that you, young sir, who seem to be younger than your companion, are the spokesman?" "It happened thus," Wulf said modestly. "Some fishermen came up just after we had gained the shore with the loss of many of our company.

"We shall see," his Highness replied, with the most perfect coolness; "God alone knows what is going on within the hearts of men." The officer looked askance at the impassible figure of his companion, and grew pale: he was an honest man as well as a brave one.

On the contrary, I found amusement in alternately exciting, and lulling to sleep, the suspicions of my timorous companion, and in purposely so acting as still farther to puzzle a brain which nature and apprehension had combined to render none of the clearest.

"I am going to dress." "There is plenty of time, my dear. Sit down here. Open the first volume and read to me aloud." Her companion took the book and read a few lines. "Louder," said the Countess. "What is the matter with you, my child? Have you lost your voice? Wait give me that footstool a little nearer that will do." Lizaveta read two more pages. The Countess yawned.

I cast a look of dismay at my companion, and sprang through to follow her. He came after me leisurely. "You need not run," he called; "you cannot overtake her. This is our way." As he spoke he turned in the opposite direction. "She has more magic at her finger-tips than I care to know!" he added quietly. "We must do what we can!"

He was sick, and, fearing that the hour of death was already at hand, he charged a companion of his to place at the head of his bed, at the last hour, a cross and some lighted candles. His end approached, so near that all regarded him as one already dead, and his companion fulfilled the charge that had been given him.

"By the way," queried her companion, as they approached her destination, "how came Mrs. Fenton so quickly domesticated at the Church of the Nativity?"

"When people say that you are as innocent as a girl," continued Daumon, "I always say that you are a sensible young fellow after all, and that if you choose to lead a regular life, it is far better than wasting your future fortune in wine, billiards, cards, or women." "I don't know that I might not do something of the kind," returned Norbert. "What did you say?" answered his wily companion.

Among them was his cousin Joseph Whitall, who had embraced Quakerism at the same period of life, who had been the friend of his boyhood, and the cherished companion of later years. They had no personal altercation, but their intimacy gradually cooled off, and they became as strangers.

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