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He looked down. Before him stood the maiden bathed in sunlight. She seemed to him the very Spirit of Beauty. He thought of all the joy and life and freedom that he could never have. He started back from the window and cried aloud. His cousin Arcite sprang from his couch and said, "My cousin, what aileth thee? I pray thee that thou bear our imprisonment in patience.

It might not be right legally, but I was sure it was right morally, and that was enough to quiet my conscience. "Better keep them?" repeated Duncan, as he sprang to his feet. "Exactly." "You have no right to do that." "I don't know about that. I was arrested for having them, and what's the use of my having the name without the game?" Duncan sank down on the edge of the bed again.

The folk sprang to their feet startled, and the eyes of many turned towards the little dark window, expecting to see wild eyes and a pale face set in black hair gazing in. Some who were nearest saw in the half-light for it was whitening towards day a wall of gray water travelling up the ravine.

I'm never going to be unhappy about it any more. After this I'm going to belong as hard as ever I can." Something crashed in every vein in Andrew Sevier's body, lilted in his heart, beat in his throat and sparkled in his eyes. He sprang to his feet and held out his hand to her. "Then come on and be adopted," he said. "I shall order the electric, and you get into your hat and coat.

All this shall be done if thou utter not the name of God." Awaking from my sleep, I sprang up, and did as the voice had directed.

The water looked so clear, so cool, so altogether tempting, that I decided there and then to treat myself to the luxury of a freshwater bath; I accordingly stripped and sprang in, fully expecting to touch bottom.

Shouting their names, he passed close to the mimosa bush, from the cover of which a man, with tangled locks and glaring eyes, and naked, but for a waist-cloth, sprang out upon him like a wild cat.

Gunnar's horse was swift and steady, and he never drew rein till he reached the ford which he knew Otkell's men must pass. There he tied up his horse, and awaited them on foot. When Otkell's men came up, they, too, sprang to the ground, and Hallbjorm strode towards Gunnar.

During the hubbub which ensued, Captain Huddy made a bold dash for liberty. He sprang to his feet, plunged into the water, and began to swim to the shore.

There was a look of terror on Madame Raffoni's face which was not lost upon Clayton. "Get the door open," he hoarsely cried. "I will carry her in. Then, I swear to you, I will leave her at once." The strong man sprang from his place, and in a few moments he stood within the veiled splendors of the old drawing-room.

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