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We have already seen how deeply this boy impressed older men with his rare judgment, and it is scarcely strange to find that he was soon after picked out by the governor of Virginia to command an expedition sent through the wilderness to treat with the Indians and French.

During that day, the Indians, without an exception, asked for potatoes and of course they got them. They said we did not need so much potatoes and they would be a treat for them as they meant to make a big feast that night and have a dance. Now as to their statement about the half-breeds coming to take horses or anything else we did not know whether to believe them or not.

Their idea was that we should acknowledge their independence, and then, with this as a fait accompli, they could face the Bolsheviks and force them to recognise their equal standing and treat with them on that basis. Our line of policy, however, must be either to bring over the Ukrainians to our peace basis, or else to drive a wedge between them and the Petersburgers.

How are you gettin' on, and how is the chandlery bis'ness likely to do? Well, I am so glad to see you. How happy you look. It's quite a treat to see you; ain't it, Mr. Muzzle? 'Quite, said Mr. Muzzle. 'So cheerful he is! said Sam. 'In such good spirits! said Muzzle. 'And so glad to see us that makes it so much more comfortable, said Sam. 'Sit down; sit down. Mr.

"I shall have an understanding with her when we get home," he said earnestly. "She sha'n't treat my sister like this again." "No," said Shaw from the other side; "she sha'n't." "By Jove, Shaw, are you with me?" demanded his lordship in surprise. "Depends on whether you are with me," said the other. Penelope flushed warmly.

The town is not over large, and commodities are very scarce, the only thing obtainable being dried salmon. During our stay the ship's company landed under arms a by no means pleasurable treat, as you shall see.

While they did full justice to the personal character of the prince, and acknowledged his favorable intentions towards them with gratitude, they lamented the hardness of the times, which placed it out of his power to treat them in accordance with his character and disposition.

In order to lull the suspicions of the British, he caused a report to be spread that an imperial commissioner from the court of Ava would arrive, in the course of a few days, to treat for terms of peace.

"There's a great difference between us," said James. "That's true," assented Herbert. "And you ought to treat me with proper respect." "I treat you with all the respect you deserve." "You haven't answered my question," said James. "What question?" "Where is my boat?" "Out on the pond. Look and you will see it." James looked where Herbert pointed. "Who is that in that boat?" he demanded, angrily.

Say what you had against me," she demanded. "What I HAD against her," he mused to himself: and he wondered that she used the past tense. He made no answer. "Accuse me," she insisted. "Say what I've done to make you treat me like this. Say it. You must THINK it hard enough." "Nay," he said. "I don't think it."