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"They were nearly arrested for making a row in town after we got through with 'em." "Hum!" mused Andy. "I s'pose Mort will blame me for that, too. Well, no use worrying until I have to." At Churchtown, where the train stopped to give the boys at least a last remembrance of Kelly's place, several passengers got on. Among them was a young man who seemed familiar to Andy and his chums.

Phil was all of fifteen feet below them and there seemed to be no way of reaching the locality short of jumping, and neither wanted to risk doing that. "If we only had a rope," said Roger. "We might double up a fishing line," mused Dave. Then his face brightened. "I have it the pole!"

"No," he mused, as she resumed her seat, his eyes upon the tree-tops beyond the casement, "the Seraphines have not the instinct of motherhood.

Derry, however, howled on unconsoled, and Rachael, stopping, half- dressed, to take him in her arms, mused while she kissed him over the tiny sorrow that could so convulse him. Was she no more than a howling baby robbed of a toy? Nothing could be more real than Derry's sense of loss, no human being could weep more desolately or more unreasonably.

Percival, nodding, patting her hand, put in a gentle remonstrance. "I shouldn't say that, Sancie, I shouldn't indeed. It used to be considered everything in the world, to a woman." She mused, then decided. "No. I can't understand that. It's not everything in the world. It's almost nothing compared to other things like freedom. To me the only thing that seems to matter is one's mind.

The Basils repudiate her, and she may jine the Dutch and other foreigners at her pleasure." "That is her only safety," exclaimed Reybold. "I hope to break every string that holds her to yonder barren honor and exhausted soil." He pointed toward Virginia, and hastened away to the Capitol. All the way up the squalid and muddy avenue of that day he mused and wondered: "Who is Fitzhugh?

"There seems to be something fateful about this morning," he mused; "I had better go in before the rest of the female population " and recovering his feet with difficulty, he took his hat, and was about to enter the house when he saw the young lady watching him from an upper window of the adjoining castle.

We came home together Mr. Embury called for me in our own car. On reaching home, we had no angry words and as it was late, we retired at once. That is all. Mr. Embury closed the door between our bedrooms, and that is the last I ever saw of him until this morning " She did not break down, but she seemed to think she had told all and she ceased speaking. "And then he was dead," Shane mused.

As he mused upon the dramatic possibilities of the story, Schiller became less interested in Koenigsmark and more in the compromised duchess; so the name of the piece was changed to 'The Princess of Celle'. From his extant notes and sketches one can make out that the heroine was conceived, like Mary Stuart, as a noble sufferer.

I wish it were daylight, then we could see her face." "I wonder who she can be," mused Arline. "There is only one answer," smiled Miriam Nesbit. "As Emma just stated, she must be Miss West's other half. However, we shall know before long." A moment later they heard the bell ring, then up from the hall came the sound of Mrs. Elwood's voice speaking in surprised but pleased tones.