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It was Uncle Tom, who had come in, and stood listening to the conversation at the door. "Chil'en!" he said, "I'm afeard you don't know what ye're sayin'. Forever is a dre'ful word, chil'en; it's awful to think on 't. You oughtenter wish that ar to any human crittur." "We wouldn't to anybody but the soul-drivers," said Andy; "nobody can help wishing it to them, they 's so awful wicked."

It was still easy to escape; the insistent whisper from the floor was pointing out the way: "Beat it out that back window, lad. Slope, Andy; they's no use. You can't help me. They mean fire; they'll pot you like a pig, from the dark. Give me up!" It was the advice to use the window that decided Andrew. It was a wild chance indeed, this leaving of Dozier helpless on the floor; but he risked it.

We have searched all over for you, and were just giving you up for dead, and going back to the earth," said Professor Henderson. "We caught sight of you at the last minute." "Oh, you mustn't go back until you go to the field of diamonds!" cried Jack, and then by turns he and Mark and Andy told of their terrible adventures while they were lost on the moon.

Gradually, as their eyes became accustomed to the dark, they could see a little. "Here's the way," said Andy at last. "But here's another passage," said Hortense. "We'll try mine first," said Andy. They had walked only a few steps when they came to a wooden panel. "It's like the one that I crawled through the other day," said Andy. "Help me to move it."

"I would rather decline it, sir." "I'll tell you what; I'll see Andy Cummiskey Andy's opinion is good on any thing." And accordingly he proceeded to see his confidential old servant.

"We have built several things in the shop here, and no one ever knew about them until we were ready to have them start off." "We'll tell Andy Sudds to keep on guard with his rifle," suggested Mark. "That will prevent curious persons coming too close." "That will be a good idea," declared Mr. Roumann. "You need have no fear of anything being discovered," put in Mr.

"The sight of him would do my eyes good, he's such a lively lad, Andy is always in good spirits." "Shure, he's got a good heart, mother dear. It wouldn't be so lonely like if he was here." "I would send for him if there was anything to do, Mary; but we are so poor that we must all of us stay where we can get work." "When do you go to Colonel Preston's, mother? Is it to-morrow?" "Yes, my dear."

Of course I'm a stranger to you, but if you'd like to share my joint " "Friend Andy, say no more!" interrupted Duncan. "Lead me to thy apartment!" Andy laughed. He was liking this youth more and more every minute. The room was inspected. Andy was still the only one who had engaged it. "It suits me to a T if I suit you," exclaimed Duncan. "What do you say, Blair? Shall we hitch it up?"

"Ah," said Highboy, "you're not a poet and don't know what it is to want a rhyme." So Andy and Hortense sadly left him and by and by came to the other side of the raspberry patch and to the path of which the Owl had spoken. "I suppose we must try to reach home this way," said Hortense, "for we daren't go by the Little People again." "One way is about as bad as another," Andy agreed.

He is a deserter if he is found here. What then? And surely not even he must keep us from doing our duty." When love comes your way, Andy, it will plead for me. All these years I have been a starved and forsaken woman, and it has changed me. We all go astray, Andy, and and your father. Oh! call him that, son, for my sake. Your father has dealt sorely with me and you, but he has come back.