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On the other side were two or three yards of level ground then a short steep preparatory slope then the verge of the precipice. On the slope was Knight, his hat on his head. He was on his hands and knees, trying to climb back to the level ground. The rain had wetted the shaly surface of the incline.

He found behind Lucienne a deep narrow valley, completely shut in, inaccessible from its swamps, and with a wretched village called Marly upon the slope of one of its hills. This closeness, without drain or the means of having any, was the sole merit of the valley. The King was overjoyed at his discovery.

I do not feel myself adapted for such an establishment, and therefore, I suppose, I must refuse the appointment. 'What would be the harm of the school, papa? 'The want of a proper schoolmaster, my dear. 'But that would of course be supplied. 'Mr Slope wishes to supply it by making me his schoolmaster. But as I am hardly fit for such work, I intend to decline. 'Oh, papa!

And half-way down the slope came a tumult in the air clang-clank, clang-clank and we stopped, and presently over the hill-crest those war things came flying one behind the other." The man seemed hesitating on the verge of a description. "What were, they like?" I asked. "They had never fought," he said. "They were just like our ironclads are nowadays; they had never fought.

On this same shore there is a Benedictine Monastery called Taloire, easily accessible, as it is built on the slope of the Hill. Into it he had introduced some salutary reforms, and he was on terms of the most affectionate intimacy with the holy men who lived a hidden life in its quiet seclusion.

I came out abruptly onto a slope of bracken, and before me at a few paces on the path were Madame Barras and two men; one at some distance in advance of her, disappearing at the moment behind a spur of the slope that hid us from the sea, and I got no conception of him; but the creature at her heels was a huge foreign beast of a man, in the dress of a common sailor.

He hauled away rapidly on the rope, and in a couple of minutes Paolo stood beside him, shivering and gasping. "Put your doublet on. Now let us go forward as fast as we can." They climbed the steep slope to the top of the glacis, and then ran down until they were brought to a standstill by another moat.

Up at the top, looking like black ants, were the guides cutting a zigzag path in the snow. The Member observed that if any one were to offer him a sovereign and his board on condition of his climbing up this slope, he would prefer to remain in indigent circumstances.

The long delays have given ample time to the enemy to complete his fortifications, and the trenches here are more like forts than field works, being provided with overhead cover against shells and carefully made loopholes. In front of them stretches a bare slope, on either side rise formidable hills from which long-range guns can make a continual cross-fire.

To Sylvia's surprise, however, he turned his head to the upland slope and came lumbering resolutely onward over the heather. "It will be dreadful," she thought, "the hounds will pull him down under my very eyes."