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"This morning came the delightful crinkly paper that always means you! If anybody else ever used it, I think I should assault them! I certainly wouldn't read their letter or answer it. "And I know the check will be very useful. If I thought much about those wretched homes, or saw them often, I should do no more work, I know.

We, the wretched people, to whom that day was our last, hang the shrines of the gods with festal boughs throughout the city. Meanwhile the heavens wheel on, and night rises from the sea, wrapping in her vast shadow earth and sky and the wiles of the Myrmidons; about the town the Teucrians are stretched in silence; slumber laps their tired limbs.

Many had attempted to escape the fire by crawling along the ground, but the flames had followed them into the streets,where one could see a multitude of these wretched victims half consumed by fire, some of them still breathing!

"it is not our wish to pursue the road as far as Gualdo, else had we not stopped at this kennel of yours." I scarce know what it can have been that moved me to act as I then did, for, in the truth, the manner of that rascal of a groom was little prepossessing, and his master, I doubted, could be little better that he left the fellow to hector it thus over that wretched tavern oaf.

The gruesome old story of the imprisoned prince flashed into her mind; the wretched captive, young and life-loving, who used to wake up, each morning, to find that of the original seven windows of his dungeon, one had disappeared, while the walls had advanced a foot, and to-morrow yet another foot, till at length the last window had closed up, and the walls shrank together and crushed him to death.

I've heard mother read how that somebody in the Old Country was once made all right by just touchin' the clothes Christ had on." In his earnestness, the wretched man had raised himself upon one elbow, and out of his face had departed every expression but one of pitiful pleading.

"What am I to do; we can't starve, Billy." He looked so wan and so woe-begone, as he bent over the little lame child, that it seemed to me that never was a creature so wretched as that desolate boy. The next morning he took away the handkerchief, and in the evening he brought home bread.

I fear the wretched African will say, that he drinks the cup of sorrow, and that he drinks it at our hands. Torn from his native soil, and from his family and friends, he is immediately forced into a situation, of all others the most degrading, where he and his progeny are considered as cattle, as possessions, and as the possessions of a man to whom he never gave offence.

Ponsonby's, not quite without embarrassment, for he had not been alone with the mother and daughter since August. 'I am glad you did not come before, said Mary, heartily; 'I have just done: and she returned to her writing-table, while her mother was saying, 'We like it very much. 'You have not been copying that wretched concern! exclaimed Louis. 'Why, Mary, you must have been at it all night.

"'James, I am wretched beyond description!" "He slowly shut the magazine, tearing a piece of paper from a letter and putting it in as a mark, and then said "'What is the matter? "'You must know. You must know that ever since we have been married you have never cared for one single thing I have done or said; that is to say, you have never cared for me. It is NOT being married.