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"Look, Frank, here, take the glasses," the younger boy cried excitedly, "there's a queer-looking ship dead ahead of us can she be the Buena Ventura?" Frank surrendered the wheel to Harry and gave the object a prolonged scrutiny. Then he handed the glasses to Ben with a quiet: "What do you make of her, Ben."

It took all four of us to stow the jib, leaving Michael at the wheel the while. We got it in, however, but, I need scarcely tell the seaman, it was not "stowed in the skin." Marble insisted on leading the party, and never before had I seen the old fellow work as he did on that day.

The wheels were away down in the soft mud, and a man at the steering wheel was trying to make the car move up onto the hard road, but he could not do it. "You seem to be in trouble," said Daddy Brown. There were two ladies out on the road, watching the man trying to start the car. "I am in trouble," said the man down in the mud.

"No, she ain't no good at all," was reiterated in the stormy young voice as Henrietta caught hold of the nose of the panting Hupp and stood directly in the path of destruction, if Polk had turned the driving wheel a hair's breadth.

But, if it has to be supplied to a place still more high, a double iron chain, which will reach the surface when let down, is passed round the axle of the same wheel, with bronze buckets attached to it, each holding about six pints.

This was no sooner done than he went aft to the wheel, where he arrived in time to help the ship to fall off. The spanker was next got out as well as two men could do it in a hurry, and then Bob went forward to tend the jib-sheet, and to look out for the buoys. It was indispensable in such a navigation to make no mistake, and Mark enjoined the utmost vigilance on his friend.

Mounted upon the slender, swift-revolving wheel, Mr. Phillip in the cool of the evening, after the long day of study, sometimes proceeded to stretch his limbs. The light cigar soothed his weary and overstrained mind. The bicycle by-and-by, as if drawn by the power of gravitation, approached more and more nearly to the distant town.

The horror of that last dive remained with all, safe as they now were. All the way the "Pollard," though well out from shore, ran within sight of the light-houses. Shortly before two o'clock in the morning Captain Jack Benson, again at the deck wheel, steered in for the light at Cape Adamson. He was going at slow speed as he rounded the point and headed in for the bay.

Whenever I wheel past a group of Rajput females, they either stand with averted faces or cover up their heads with their shawls. The road-inspector's bungalow at Chattee affords me shelter, and an intelligent native gentleman, who speaks a misleading quality of English, supplies me with a supper of curried rice and fowl.

"If I hadn't come," he said grimly, "You would be lying in that pool yonder, by now, broken to pieces against the wheel; and I should have sought for my bird in vain." He saw how the pillow rose and fell with her breath, and how she listened.