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After a two hours' journey from the river we sat panting on the summit after our scramble and surveyed the valley of the Tsavo, which lay spread out like a map about five hundred feet below us.

Aten pointed, panting, to slide-rail and it took them five minutes to get the plane about that rail and engage a curious contrivance in a slot in the ship's fuselage. "Tommy," said Evelyn, "you're not going to " "Run away? Hardly!" said Tommy. "We're going up. I'm going to fight the fleet with bullets.

But, after panting a few times, the woman recovered her vivacity and began to ply him vigorously with exclamations and questions, beaming the while with delighted interest. He answered her like a schoolboy, too destitute of presence of mind to do otherwise than to yield passively to her impulse.

Nana Sahib was panting with the intensity of his passion. He paced the floor flicking at his brown boots with his whip, and presently whirled to say with a sneering smile on his thin lips: "The English can teach a man just one thing to die for his ideals." "Yes, Prince, of a certainty the Englishman knows how to die for his country," Baptiste agreed in a soldier's tribute to courage.

"Or gone mad!" cried Olly. Catching up their arms, the two ran hastily to the top of the ridge, where they arrived perspiring and panting, to find that their excitable comrade had only gone into ecstasies about the magnificent scenery that had burst upon his sight.

"You can go some," Saltman acknowledged, panting at the end of ten minutes, as he sat astride Smoke's chest. "But I down you every time." "And I hold you every time," Smoke panted back. "That's what I'm here for, just to hold you. Where do you think Shorty's getting to all this time?" Saltman made a wild effort to go clear, and all but succeeded.

Everybody rose softly and turned toward the door, where stood Tracy; then with a common impulse, moved a step or two in that direction, and stopped. While they gazed, young Brady arrived, panting, and put into Tracy's hand, sure enough an envelope. Tracy fastened a bland victorious eye upon the gazers, and kept it there till one by one they dropped their eyes, vanquished and embarrassed.

"Stand back!" said he, panting, and taking aim with his gun: "it is loaded." "Yes," said I; "but though you're a brave poacher, you dare not fire at your fellow-man. Give up the gun this instant." My address took him by surprise; he did not fire. I struck up the barrel, and closed on him. We grappled pretty tightly, and in the wrestle the gun went off. The man loosened his hold. "Lord ha' mercy!

"I have a very important matter " "I can't stand for his running about and breaking down the fence. I'll shoot him if he comes back!" "That is, if you are alive tomorrow!" exclaimed the panting curate as he made his way toward the sala. "What, do you think that puny doll will kill me? I'll bust him with a kick!" Padre Salvi stepped backward with an involuntary glance toward the alferez's feet.

"If you think it generous to come and scoff at her, of course she has no defence; you will be glad to know that." "Dear Miss Chancellor, if you are not a defence a battery of many guns!" Ransom exclaimed. "Well, she at least is not mine!" Olive returned, springing to her feet. She looked round her as if she were really pressed too hard, panting like a hunted creature.