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She stood flicking her whip at the window, gazing out over the trees, down the slope to the river. Miss Russell might have interpreted these things. Simple Anne! "Why isn't he coming?" said Virginia, at last. "Because he is to be one of the speakers at a big meeting that night. Have you seen him since you got home, Jinny? He is thinner than he was.

I am sorry I was so unwise as to give you the impression I did." "Not at all." Mr. Howland gazed at his cigar a moment, flicking the ashes off with his little finger. "Is that why you let the assassin go?" Dan rose to the situation without hesitating. "Mr. Howland, you were fishing when you asked that question. You don't have to do that. I did let that chap go.

Cats squalled and snarled, and fled up the street; a soprano voice floated out on the night air: "But the waves still are singing to the shore As they sang in the happy days of yore " To these and a thousand less sharply defined noises, to the constant, steady flicking of stiff pages in Miss Toland's room, Julia fell asleep. Miss Toland told her family of the arrangement some three months later.

I do not object to her flicking her wet fingers at me when she comes dripping out of the sea; and I do not even reproach her when she puts her foot upon my sartorially immaculate knee, to show me a pebble-cut on her glistening pink sole. Her conduct has been exemplary.

"What's the matter?" asked the head waiter anxiously. Already the new-comer was supporting Mr. Grimm on his knee, and flicking water in his face. "Nothing serious, I fancy," he answered shortly. "He's subject to these little attacks." "What are they? Who is he?" The stranger tore at Mr. Grimm's collar until it came loose, then he fell to chafing the still hands. "He is a Mr.

You've always been a cautious old rotter, but you're more than cautious now. Why?" Langton leaned over and touched the other's tunic pocket in which lay Julie's note. Then he leaned back and went on with his cigarette. Peter flushed. "It's too late," he said judicially, flicking off his ash. "So? Well, I'm sorry, frankly sorry for her and sorry for you.

The young Easterner spurred up on the right of the girl's mount. "He's the queerest little fellow I ever saw!" he observed, with a laugh. "Sorry to spoil his story. Was it a good one?" "It might have been if you hadn't spoiled it," answered the girl, flicking her horse's ears mischievously. The animal danced. "What did you do it for?" "Oh, just to see him squirm.

"Holy cats!" he ejaculated. "Where in the world did " "Dare me to ride in the store?" demanded Missy, flicking the air with her crop and speaking insouciantly. She was scarcely aware of the excited sounds from the Post Office, for as yet her madness was upon her. "Oh, I don't think you could get her in! You'd better not try!" Missy exulted he looked as if actually afraid she might attempt it!

"Some new insolence of the County Frontenac!" cried old Richard Nicholls, bringing his fist down on the table. For a few minutes he talked with his chamberfellow; then, "Show the gentleman in," he added. In the room without, the envoy from Quebec had stood flicking the dust from his leggings with a scarf.

"Sheriff must 'a' been out of town and got back just in time to meet up with Sundown," suggested Wingle. And he seized a scoop and dug into the flour barrel. An hour later the buckboard stood at the ranch gate. Bud Shoop, crooning a range-ditty that has not as yet disgraced an anthology, stood flicking the rear wheel with his whip: