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McKinley had lived there would have been no question as to this matter. President McKinley was looking right at me; in fact, his eyes were riveted upon me when I felled the assassin to the floor. "The assassin was in front of me, and as the President went to shake his hand, he looked hard at one hand which the fellow held across his breast bandaged.

Was it not more rational to infer that Carwin's designs had been illicit; that my life had been endangered by the fury of one whom, by some means, he had discovered to be an assassin and robber; that my honor had been assailed, not by blandishments, but by violence? He has judged me without hearing. He has drawn from dubious appearances, conclusions the most improbable and unjust.

"You annoyed, count?" said Beauchamp; "and by what?" "Ah, you think very lightly of it; I should like to see you with a brief preparing in your house." "What brief?" "The one M. de Villefort is preparing against my amiable assassin some brigand escaped from the gallows apparently." "True," said Beauchamp; "I saw it in the paper. Who is this Caderousse?" "Some provincial, it appears.

Vice-President Arthur succeeded to the presidency, and had an uneventful but respectable administration. Guiteau's trial began in November and lasted more than two months. The defence was insanity. The assassin maintained that he was inspired to commit the deed, and that it was a political necessity.

"Two words, if you please," said Rodin, with an emotion which he appeared hardly able to restrain. "If one man of honor sees another about to be slain by an assassin, ought he not give the alarm of murder?" "Yes, sir; but what has that to do " "In my eyes, sir, certain treasons are as criminal as murders: I have come to place myself between the assassin and his victim."

But Ferruccio, with an exceedingly rapid movement, and uttering a cry of desperation, had rushed to his grandmother, and covered her body with his own. The assassin fled, stumbling against the table and overturning the light, which was extinguished.

If we must have war again, as I fear we must, and very speedily, our chief hope must be that the Lord will support His cause against the scoffer and the infidel, the libertine and the assassin." "You see how beautifully your father puts it, Eliza; but he never abuses people. That is a habit in which, I am sorry to say, you indulge too freely.

With what a firm step did she pace the long suite of rooms, while the conviction was borne in on her that this deed of the vile assassin in the purple must bring the day of salvation and peace nearer that day of which Andreas dreamed!

"She loves the King and she hated Susy d'Orsel, therefore she is the assassin. She is the cause of all the troubles that have fallen upon the head of our beloved sovereign. Ah! I want to arrest her! Condemn her to death! Come, Marquis, let us go to her room and seize her!" "Not yet a while, Wulf; sit down and talk it over.

He would ask questions which by their very impertinence might be forgiven on the score of a stranger's folly. But, most of all, he wanted to drop the casual information, which he should assume to have heard on the train, that Samson South was returning, and to mark, on the assassin leader, the effect of the news.

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