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A boy is not good friends with his feet as a girl is; but thou wilt do beautifully, I know; and M'sieu shall teach us the galliard together."

"I am so tired," declared Grace to Eleanor as they stood at one side of the stage while the Glee Club, composed of juniors and seniors, arranged themselves preparatory to filing on to the stage. "Everything seems to be going beautifully though. Not a single performer has disappointed us. How pretty the Glee Club girls look to-night." "Lovely," agreed Eleanor.

The first day was lowering and overcast, favoring us greatly, because we wanted to be concealed from Bragg, whose position on the mountain-tops completely overlooked us and our movements. The second day was beautifully clear, and many a time, in the midst of its carnage and noise, I could not help stopping to look across that vast field of battle, to admire its sublimity.

"Your grandpa has often spoken of you, and it's mighty nice to have you here. You see a good many of us Hoosiers are Kentucky people, and your grandpa's father was. I remember perfectly well when your grandpa went to the Naval Academy; and we were all mighty proud of him in the war." Mrs. Owen's white hair was beautifully soft and wavy, and she wore it in the prevailing manner.

A second trial was therefore deemed necessary, and on this occasion a sort of fête was made of it; for numbers of officials and un-officials, with their lady friends, came on board to witness the result. The day was beautifully fine, and the trip a really enjoyable one the cruising ground lying between the Start and Fowey. July 22nd.

Meantime, the infantry lines were still advancing rapidly, and in beautifully steady order, to sustain the attack, and were just getting into close action when the enemy lost heart, and his entire line at once broke, and fled precipitately. The men cast away their arms and accoutrements, and, as the pursuit continued, even their clothing.

I went to your old library concern and attended to it beautifully, and I talked to Lucy like a grandmother, and gave her splendid advice. She really chirked up wonderfully, and tried to hide her smiles behind that ridiculous veil. Isn't she funny?" "Or pathetic which? But you've been a good child, I see. Now, try the same process on me. I'm all tired out and need 'chirking, too."

When Apollonia came back to say that all was ready for the night, the three followed her up the wide and beautifully designed marble staircase which led to the first and second stories.

She began to count on her fingers. "Upstairs three rooms, eh? and above that three more " "No," smiled the judge, "then comes the roof?" "Of course," she laughed, "how stupid of me a nice gable roof, a sloping roof that the rain runs off beautifully. Oh, I can see that this is going to be awfully jolly just like camping out. You know how I love camping out. And you have a piano, too."

We're pretty proud of our young ladies, we Overton folks. Excuse me, miss, I'll go over to my house and get the key. I'll be right along." "He has a whole lot of real college spirit," commented Elfreda, "or he couldn't speak so beautifully of the Overton girls." "He always was a perfect old dear," agreed Grace warmly.

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