Hunt up Davidson; go over all the claims; find out how the lead runs, and how it holds out; get samples and ship them to me; investigate everything you can, and don't be afraid to write when you're stuck." In other words, Bennington was to hold the ends of the reins while some one else drove. But he did not know that. He felt his responsibility.

Examined the spring, and found it to be a very good one; it is situated near the banks of the Blyth, on the same spongy ground that I discovered last time, and which was marked off as a run. Searched about, and found two more good springs. There was plenty of water in the creek, but the dry season had made it brackish. Discovered a spring in one of the creeks that runs east from Mount Margaret.

At last the trio climbed a slight ascent, halting at the top of the ridge. "You see, Jim," Tom explained, "this ridge runs southwesterly from here." "I see it does?" nodded the guide. "Now, to the northeastward I don't believe there are any croppings that look good enough. But just keep along to the southeast, picking up a specimen here and there. Some of the rock looks good to me."

If the female of the house wants to sew a little, she don't have to wear out her own vital powers a-runnin' that sewin' machine no; electricity jest runs it for her smooth as a dollar. If she wants to sweep her floor, does she have to wear out her own elbows? No, indeed; electricity jest sweeps it for her clean as a pin. Oh, what a house! what a house!

He is that tired of England, and as he lost his situation on the railway he has made up his mind to emigrate. It is pretty well all arranged; he has been to an agency and they say he'll 'ave to pay two pounds a 'ead, and that runs to a lot of money in a big family like ours. So I'm likely to get left, for father says that I'm old enough to look after myself.

The first four miles lay over the cultivated plain of Ibanda, till we arrived at the foot of a ridge of hills, which, gradually closing from the right, intersects the road, and runs into a hilly country extending round the western side of the aforesaid plain.

In the middle of the garden, I have been told, there runs a pure river of water, clear as chrystal, and on each side of the river is the tree of life, a tree that never fades. That garden is heaven. There you may love and love for ever. There will be no death no fading there.

"The government of the laundry," so runs the statute on this head, "and analogous domestic services are entrusted to a competent number of ladies of sound constitution and good conduct, who live together in the hospice under the direction of an inspectress, and are called daughters of Oropa."

He is followed to the door by all eyes, and a sigh runs through the assembled students. 'You to-day; I to-morrow. Meanwhile one begins to hear a light trotting over the paper; they are leaping.

Barbara gasped, but Polly clapped her hands. "Nolla, that's it! The subterranean stream we found in there. Some big upheaval changed its outlet, or maybe this gold vein runs clean through and Montresor's claim is staked opposite this side just where the river pours out. We must look over that side to-morrow."