"No, sir! all explained!" he said. "It can't be, my dear fellow," said Ralph, in a low tone. "Verty has the proofs." "Did you speak to me?" said Verty, smiling: he had been talking with Redbud during this conference. "Yes, I did," said Ralph. Verty smiled, and said: "I did not hear what you asked." "No wonder," said Ralph. And turning to Mr. Jinks: "Observe," he said, in a low tone, "how Mr.

We're going over to the well, the one that's called the wishing-well," she explained, "and we mustn't tell what we mean to wish for, 'cause if you tell, you wouldn't get your wish. Did you know that?" Betty said that she had not heard that. "I'll tell you to-morrow just how to find it, but we can't stop now. There isn't time." "Late!" cried Valerie. "I guess you two are late.

Gray explained, contained on one side a charming little theatre which could also be used as a ball-room, and on the other an admirable bowling-alley and racket-court for the use of the members.

"I sit at the window and think," she explained to Mrs. Warren. "It is so nice there." She wrote her letters to India in this room. She did not know how far the new courage in her thoughts of her husband expressed itself in these letters. When Walderhurst read them, however, he felt a sense of change in her. Women were sometimes spoken of as "coming out amazingly."

But while, undoubtedly, the great mass of the Grecian people believed that their divinities were real persons, who presided over the affairs of men, their philosophers, while encouraging this belief as the best adapted to the understanding of the people, took quite a different view of them, and explained the mythological legends as allegorical representations of general physical and moral truths.

When they had explained to the official the cause of complaint, he asked Alnaschar where he had obtained all the furniture that he had taken to his house the day before. "Sir," replied Alnaschar, "I am ready to tell you the whole story, but give, I pray you, your word, that I shall run no risk of punishment." "That I promise," said the judge.

King could be induced to assist " "I think he is under contract clear up to the end of the season," explained Dave. "Sorry for that, but he is such a good friend to you and to us, and I fancy he would gladly cooperate with advice and direction." "Yes, indeed," assented Dave. "We owe you a good deal more than your contract income already, Dashaway," said the manager.

"And how do you show it? by coming in between Oswald and the only means that are open to us of reconciling him to his father; means that have been explained to you exactly as though you had been one of ourselves. Oswald has treated you as a brother in the matter, telling you everything, and this is the way you would repay him for his confidence!"

Amos, self-absorbed and over-worked, asked no questions, but one night in April, John Levine saw Lydia at work on a night dress for Florence Dombey. "Where does the young lady sleep?" he asked. Lydia explained and Lizzie uttered her mild plaint, adding, "Lydia ought to be getting back to her own bed, now warm weather will be coming in." Lydia caught her lower lip in her teeth but said nothing.

As Sir Jasper walked down the street, his elder sister-in-law emerged from a tamarisk-flanked gateway. 'This is our new abode, Jasper, she said. 'Come in and see what you think of it! Well, have you had any success? He explained how the letter could be traced to Mr.