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Coming from Ann, this was indeed a great compliment, and Ruby felt as if Ann was really very nice, indeed, since she had so high an opinion of the little girl. "Are n't you sorry you have been so cross to me, sometimes?" asked Ruby, presently, thinking that if Ann would admit that she had said a great deal that she did not mean in the past, she would feel still happier.

They walked together until they reached the corner of Parliament Street; there they stopped. 'I am awfully sorry, Drake, said Fielding. 'I behaved like a blackguard. Drake again cut him short. 'Oh, I don't see that. The thing looked fishy, I don't doubt, and you weren't bound to me in any way. Good-bye, and he held out his hand with a cordial smile.

John Cholmondeley was as good-hearted a young fellow as ever lived yes, I will say that for him and I was mightily sorry for him; but but you see, that's how things come about. Dear! dear! that evening at Bath I remember it as well as if it was yesterday; and it was only two months after I had run away with your grandfather.

Then he said, 'I was thinking how soon I was to go back to Alexandria. 'To Alexandria! I cried, and I was just going to clap my hands when I thought that, although Alexandria was a far nicer place than Rome, you could not go with us, and so I felt very sorry. Then Pratinas spoke again in a hard, cold voice he has never used to me before. 'Artemisia, I must tell you now the truth about yourself.

"I wish you'd stay to luncheon," coaxed the little lieutenant. "I can't. I'm sorry. I promised father I'd be home at noon." "Then I wish you were going to the picnic this afternoon." Constance shook her head, looking wistful, nevertheless. "I'd rather not. Mignon will be there. It is better to be out of sight and out of mind until after Monday."

It was his first experience of coming home to meet angry eyes that questioned his behavior and he did not like it. He had been, perhaps, a little conscience-smitten when he saw how late he had stayed; and he had intended to say he was sorry, of course.

Society, in the sense of good society, can always take care of itself, and does so perfectly. In the case of Mrs. Vostrand some ladies who liked Westover and wished to be civil to him asked her and her daughter to other afternoon teas, shook hands with them at their coming, and said, when they went, they were sorry they must be going so soon.

I must find out her name." "She is a beautiful creature," said Jack Ellerwood, as if to himself, while he carefully surveyed Theodora from his position at the side of the table. Hector Bracondale's irritation rose. Relations were tactless, and he felt sorry he had asked them. "You must tell me her name, Hector," pleaded Mrs. Ellerwood; "the very white, pretty one I mean."

"Very well," said Randolph, in reply to Cope's hurried and indistinct words. "I'm sorry," he added, and the brief talk was over. "You are feeling all right, I hope," he would have added, as the result of an afterthought; but the connection was broken. Randolph left the instrument. He felt dashed, a good deal disappointed, and a little hurt.

I'm only sorry and astonished that he should be going to marry well, after all, we must agree that Miss Bride isn't quite an ideal for him, however one looks at it. Of course it's nothing to me. If it had been, I think I should feel more offended than sorry." "Offended?" "That he had taken for granted that I had no will of my own, and no influence with my aunt."