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'Down-stairs, dearest; he will come. But to her extreme alarm, the words had no effect. 'Arthur! O, when will he come? Why did he go away? Dismayed out of all presence of mind, Theodora rang with a violent peal, and flew down-stairs, the baby in her arms, rousing Arthur from a slumber in his chair by breathless tidings that Violet was worse was delirious; Mr. Harding must be sent for

She listened for the light laughter of the ladies, the jingling of the golden armor, the swishing of the branches and of the waves. Listened all in vain, for Theodora, that gift of God, had powerful lungs and a passion for exercising them so that minor sounds were overwhelmed and only yells remained.

So when they came in from the dining-room more than one of the men understood the picture they saw, of the beautiful, little, strange lady seated alone, while the other women chatted together in groups. Hector was feeling irritated and excited, and longing to get near Theodora. He guessed Lord Wensleydown would have the same desire, and had no intention of being interfered with.

It was determined that the secret should be strictly kept; it was the one point on which Lady Martindale was anxious, being thereto prompted by her aunt. Theodora declared she had no one to tell, and Mr. Fotheringham only desired to inform his uncle and aunt, Sir Antony and Lady Fotheringham. He was now going to pay them a visit before settling in his lodgings in London.

"Did you and Ludovic talk about Christian Science ALL Saturday evening?" she asked. Theodora overflowed into a smile. "Yes, and we even quarrelled over it. At least I did. Ludovic wouldn't quarrel with anyone. You have to fight air when you spar with him. I hate to square up to a person who won't hit back." "Theodora," said Anne coaxingly, "I am going to be curious and impertinent.

He did not even go into the house with them when they returned; but as he stood upon the door-step, touching his hat in a final adieu, he was keenly alive to a consciousness of Theodora North at the head of the stair-case, with billows of glistening rose-pink satin lying on the rich carpet about her feet, as she half turned toward him to bid him good-night.

Then, last of all, came Lord Bracondale and it was when he was presented that Theodora first began to take an interest in the party. He had been educated at Eton and Oxford, served for some time in the Fourth Lifeguards, been unpaid attaché at St. Petersburg, was patron of five livings, and sat in the House of Lords as Baron Bracondale; creation, 1505; seat, Bracondale Chase. Brothers, none.

A more dangerous and consuming flame was kindled by the persecution of Theodora, and the revolt of Carbeas, a valiant Paulician, who commanded the guards of the general of the East. His father had been impaled by the Catholic inquisitors; and religion, or at least nature, might justify his desertion and revenge.

If not, I have no hope for Theodora! She will either be hard and unfeminine, or turn to worldliness, and be such another as my aunt. She has it in her. 'You are taking to horrid predictions yourself. 'Well, I acknowledge her capabilities, but there has been woful mismanagement, and my father feels it. 'I was surprised at his consenting so readily.

Emma, she may think it right; but are you acting kindly by the mother who has only you? Theodora was very glad to see tears. 'I cannot bear to go home! presently said Emma. 'Have you thought how badly all the poor people must be getting on without you? All your children it is half a year since you saw them! Emma groaned. 'Yes, it is bad enough at first.