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Petersburg that France was postponing the evacuation of Prussia for selfish purposes, meaning to dismember her; and from that starting-point depicted the horrors of a Napoleonic Europe. Such opinions dismayed Alexander, and although he received Caulaincourt with distinction equal to that which had been accorded to Tolstoi, he firmly refused the bargain offered by him.

But at the time to which this story points one hundred and seventy-two students and nine professors composed the faculty besides the president, and the school was known as Monastery Classical and Theological College. This inexperienced young Englishman as he saw all this became dismayed. This was too great an undertaking. He depreciated his own ability. This was altogether too big a job.

Suppose you tell me the legend yourself." Briefly he recounted it to her and, she listened until the end in a dismayed chaos of mind which culminated in a staggering blow. "I have found it." There was no jubilation in his tone, but paradoxically a note of defeat. "You!" she stammered breathlessly. "Yes. You seem surprised?" he added with a quick glance at her.

But he now sat dismayed before his books and notes, seeking a clue to guide him through the mass of contradictory evidence that lay before him. "I must take things in their order," said he to himself, "if indeed any principle of selection is possible in such confusion."

With reluctance had she accepted the sacrifice of his career which he had made to serve her. Now that it became the question of a sacrifice of life as well she was dismayed. All the wrongs that she and hers had done that man seemed to rise up and reproach her now. And so, when presently she answered the Vicomte, it was no more than natural that she should answer him impatiently.

"Why, there in its rack, of course," cried Captain Benson, leaping forward. "You're looking at it." "I'm looking at the rack, sir, but I don't see no wrench, sir," replied Henderson, calmly. "What's that? The wrench mislaid?" demanded Jacob Farnum, also leaping forward and staring with dismayed eyes into the rack. "Oh, it has dropped somewhere or been mislaid."

As they fared on together, discoursing of one thing and another, they came to a very deep and lonely valley, beset with high rocks and trees, which seeming to the servant a place wherein he might, with assurance for himself, do his lord's commandment, he pulled out his knife and taking the lady by the arm, said, 'Madam, commend your soul to God, for needs must you die, without faring farther. The lady, seeing the knife and hearing these words, was all dismayed and said, 'Mercy, for God's sake!

One old woman alone was able to prove this. To maintain his position, he killed her." "What infamy," cried the young girl, "what a shameful, wicked, calumny! I know, sir, that story of fallen greatness; he himself told me of it. It is true, that for three days this misfortune unmanned him; but, if he was dismayed, it was on my account more than his own.

Master Delavie's rustic ways were in consequence pronounced to be too rude and rough for the dainty little town-bred boy, the fine ladies' pet. The Major dined at the Great House, but came home so much dismayed and disgusted that he could hardly mention even to Betty what he had seen and heard. He only groaned out at intervals, "This is what the service is coming to!

Jonas was so dismayed and conscience-stricken, that he had not even hardihood enough to unclench the old man's hands with his own; but stood looking at him as well as he could in the darkness, without moving a finger. It was as much as he could do to ask him what he meant. 'I will know what you have done with her! retorted Chuffey. 'If you hurt a hair of her head, you shall answer it. Poor thing!

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