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For some minutes more the party waited, then went down into the road, but there was no sign of Jack coming along. "Mighty strange!" muttered Hal, uneasily. "Well, we've got to aboard, now," announced Jacob Farnum, after glancing at his watch. "Sorry we can't very well invite you to go with us, Mr. Hennessy." "I shall see you, if you come ashore in the evening," replied the reporter.

As the rushing throng began to thicken at a door on the ground floor the sound of a whistled of clanging gongs was heard without. The Spruce Beach fire department was responding to the alarm. Captain Jack bounded out. Hal kept close at his chum's heels while Messrs. Farnum and Pollard came along less fleetly.

"That's our gunboat out there, I think," went on Mr. Farnum, pointing to where a white masthead light and a red port light were visible, about a mile away. "Dunhaven must be on the map, all right, if a strange navigating officer knows how to come so straight to the place," laughed Jack Benson.

"I don't, believe they knew anything about the money. They just wanted to beat us to their heart's content. But they found the money, and but I'd better begin at the beginning." This Jack did, soon putting Mr. Farnum in possession of the whole story. "I'll send two men with Jaggers, to turn him over to the constable," remarked Mr. Farnum.

Farnum began: "My Dear Myra: You will be glad to learn that mamma is really better not, of course, as far on the road to convalescence as we could desire, but comfortable enough to have had the wedding take place as appointed It would have been too bad if it had to be postponed; so unlucky, you know.

"Some one has got to suffer for this business, before we get through!" cried Captain Jack, his eyes flashing ominously. "But come, now, fellows, we must go to bed, for we must have enough sleep if we're to be good and fit in to morrow's race." It was rather late, that evening when Messrs. Farnum and Pollard, still with John C. Rhinds, returned to the Somerset House.

Two minutes later the "Pollard" emerged from the water, several hundred yards away. Those on the deck of the "Farnum" had a splendid view of the other boat's emerging performance. Now, other sections of cadets were transferred from the gunboat to the two submarines, and the trips below surface proceeded.

"Suppose you and I walk down there, then, Hastings?" suggested Radwin. "We can leave Benson here, to tell Somers where we are, if he comes back this way." "You wait here, Hal," suggested Jack. "There's a little matter I want to speak to Mr. Farnum about, anyway." So Hastings was left at the corner. He saw Jack and the Rhinds man go in through the hotel entrance.

That much the submarine boys knew by intuition. They felt, therefore, that, at any moment, they were likely to be called into action to be called upon for big things. As Jack and Hal sat in the office, silent, while Jacob Farnum turned to his desk to scan one of the papers lying there, the door opened. A boy burst in, waving a yellow envelope.

"Let us hope he may." "He said it wouldn't be my fault if he wasn't a credit to the University." "We can all agree with him there, Farnum." "Thank you, sir. I'm not very hopeful about him. He has other things to contend with." "I'm not sure I quite know what you mean." "I can't explain more fully without violating a confidence." "Well, we'll hope for the best, and remember him in our prayers."

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