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After the publication of the phonograph, Edison, owing, it is stated, to an erroneous description of the instrument by a reporter, received letters from deaf people inquiring whether it would enable them to hear well.

"Thanks, my friend," replied the engineer; "wait another hour or two, and then we will set out. And now speak, Spilett." The reporter then told him all that had occurred. "But," asked Harding, in a still feeble voice, "you did not, then, pick me up on the beach?" "No," replied the reporter. "And did you not bring me to this cave?" "No." "At what distance is this cave from the sea?"

A sneeze is to enter the politics of the First District. Could any political boss, however prudent or scholarly, foresee it? A sneeze is to influence the life of David Lockwin. Does not providence move in a mysterious way? A great newspaper has employed as its marine reporter a singular character. He once was rich that is, he had $10,000 in currency. How had he made it? Running a faro bank.

A little more urging satisfied the rest of Stuart's scruples and he walked out from the office into the streets of Havana tingling with pleasure to his very toes. This was the first money he had ever earned and it fired him with enthusiasm to become a writer. As soon as he had left, the reporter looked over the sheets of copy-paper, covered with writing in a boyish hand. "Not so bad," he mused.

He began his career as a reporter and worked his way up to city editor of one of the big Chicago papers. He has a great "nose" for criminal investigation, and his work is regarded as brilliant. All the United States notes are printed in sheets of four notes of one denomination on each sheet.

Still on the present, as on other occasions, he gives unintentional and perhaps unavoidable gleams of Goldsmith's good sense, which show that the latter only wanted a less prejudiced and more impartial reporter to put down the charge of colloquial incapacity so unjustly fixed upon him.

Wentworth," I began, cracking the straw in my hat, "my name is John Winthrop. I am a reporter. I have called to see if it is true that you have declined the Italian portfolio." "It is true," he replied kindly. "There are any number of reasons for my declining it, but I cannot make them public. Is that all?" "Yes, sir; thank you;" and I backed away.

A reporter from one of the less reputable dailies had asked for an interview, and had written an article which barely escaped being libelous. There were not wanting those in the profession who openly denounced him as a "fakir."

The two men stared at each other. "Yes," continued Dodge, "I've just found out how to trace it, and tomorrow I am going to set the alarms of the city at rest by exposing " Just then Dodge caught sight of me. For the moment I thought perhaps he was going to fulfill his threat. "Who the devil why didn't you tell me a reporter was here, Jennings?" he sputtered indignantly, pointing toward the door.

The applause was never very great; it is said that Rachel feels this as a Boston peculiarity, but she ought also to feel the compliment of so large an audience in a city where foreigners are so few and the population so small compared to that of New York. "Nov. 14, 1855. Last night I heard Emerson give a lecture. I pity the reporter who attempts to give it to the world.

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