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I can see him yet, this huge ruddy man, spreading himself by the fireplace, taking up most of the room with his person, while he of the flannel dressing-gown wandered about tee-heeing with laughter and, round one side or the other, or between the legs of the Colossus, making an occasional feeble poke at the fire.

The Viennese proved it to you on hearing your sublime music the other day." "But I proved to them that I had become so feeble that I could no longer bear listening to my own music. I had to leave the room long before the performance was at an end." "You ought not to have gone to the concert at all," said Schmid. "The excitement might have been injurious to your health."

What would she not have given to be enabled to watch, to comprehend the changes passing within that human form so close to her that she could see its every external detail, could touch it by the out-stretching of a hand! But its inner shrine, its secret place, remained barred against those feeble implements of sense with which nature has provided the explorative human intelligence.

Though, as yet, his feeling was not defined into a thought, it was a faint perception, a dim consciousness that the elective affinities of his heart had all awakened. And while he thought he was in an excessive anxiety to see after his feeble patient, he was borne on rather by the attractions of his heart's love.

For the writer evidently refers to the time when the church awoke to the necessity of missions; and he evidently thinks that our feeble efforts in that direction prove in a general way that God "would have all men to be saved." He takes no note of the millions and millions that have passed away without so much as hearing the joyful sound.

She felt that the open pasture was full of dangers. The lamb seemed afraid to take so many steps. It shook its ears and bleated piteously. The mother returned to its side, caressed it anew, pushed it with her nose, and again moved away a few feet, urging it to go with her. Again the feeble little creature refused, bleating loudly.

And when he feels so bad he don't no more want to live, so I make him promise if I git him back he never try to kill himself again. Oh, Mr. Lossing, please don't let my man die!" Bewildered and more touched than he cared to feel, himself, Lossing still made a feeble stand for discipline. "I don't see how Lieders can expect me to take him back again," he began. "He aint expecting you, Mr.

"Arrived and admitted to Godin's presence, he poured out his petition with the vehemence of one who can take no denial, urging his suit with all the eloquence of intense anxiety and deep conviction of the terrible extremity of the feeble folk in the valley. "Doubt began to creep into the mind of the brave officer. 'Might there not be some truth in the story after all? Yet he answered as before.

I make ready to welcome with new clothes." Ah, me! I have the yearn to convey the right understand'; but he look so glad to give the welcome, and his war clothes so grand, the feeble fell on my heart. I not give correction. One servant say: "Last night Tãke Chan very sick with evil spirit cough. Mama say rest at home, but he say this great feast-day for new God.

Now, crushed and feeble, she presented a pitiable image of powerless yet offensively hollow splendour.