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Converging reasons led me there: one I desired that my old friends, the Suckers, should know of my intimacy with S.T. Radley, of Middlesex; two I felt Chappy's conversation would certainly be entertaining; and three I should soon have to go in to bat, and was feeling too nervous to talk to offensively happy boys who were unworried by such imminent publicity.

But it was because she identified the passion with the dream. He had not been prepared for that view of it; and somehow it annoyed him. But for that, he would never have spoken as he now did. "When I wondered how you would take it I thought it might possibly strike you as something rather too real, almost offensively so.

It was not a scornful laugh, neither was it a merry or a humorous laugh; it was one of satisfaction and amusement. "Let me have a share in the fun," said the curate. "You have it," said his companion rudely, indeed, but not quite offensively, and put his cigar in his mouth again. Wingfold was not one to take umbrage easily.

The folly of James, his incapacity to read the characters of men and the signs of the times, his obstinacy, always most offensively displayed when wisdom enjoined concession, his vacillation, always exhibited most pitiably in emergencies which required firmness, had made him an outcast from England, and might, if his counsels were blindly followed, bring great calamities on France.

Joe stared at Sam offensively, and continued to laugh after the others had done. Sam affected not to notice him. To himself he said: "I've got to fight Joe, big as he is. He stands in my way." Outside in the canvas kitchen a little comedy was in progress all unknown to the boarders. Bela came back breathing quickly, and showing a red spot in either ivory cheek.

"I shall go to de devils for you, capitaine, if we must," he said, as he raised his portly form, not without effort, from the deck, slapping the shoulder of the officer at the same time somewhat rudely with his hand. There was nothing, however, offensively familiar in this action.

"I want you to understand," said Quest, leaning both elbows offensively on Dill's table, "that the job I ask for I expect to get." "You might have expected that once," said the cool young man who had spoken before. "And I do now!" retorted Quest, raising his voice. "Why not?" Somebody said: "You can furnish good copy, all right, Quest; you do it every day that you're not working."

The colour in her cheek was like a lurid patch under the pallor of her skin. She gave a little gasp, and her hand went to her side. Then she laughed hardly, almost offensively. "What a man of sentiment," she declared. "After fifteen years, too, and only just engaged to another woman! No, thank you, my dear Lawrence. I've lived my life, such as it has been.

Relying on the success of this application, and on the arrival of the second division of the squadron from Brest, the American general impatiently expected the moment when De Tunay would be enabled to act offensively.

As men of a school, they are to be summed under the general name of 'Byzantines; their work all alike showing specific characters of attenuate, rigid, and in many respects offensively unbeautiful, design, to which Vasari's epithets of "goffa, e sproporzionata" are naturally applied by all persons trained only in modern principles.

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