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It is little wonder that the Merry Monarch, the fastidious voluptuary, with his nice discernment in women, should have checked in his long stride, and halted a moment in consternation. "Lord!" was his wry comment to Etheredge, who was beside him. "They've brought me a bat, not a woman." But if she lacked beauty, she was well cowered, and Charles was in desperate need of money.

"You have a very smooth tongue, Jimmy Skunk. But what is this matter on which you cannot agree?" "How many animals can fly?" returned Jimmy, by way of answer. "One," replied Grandfather Frog. "I thought everybody knew that. Flitter the Bat is the only animal who can fly." "You forget Timmy, the Flying Squirrel!" cried Peter excitedly. "That makes two." Grandfather Frog shook his head.

In a neat wooden frame in the senior day room at Outwood's, just above the mantlepiece, there was on view, a week later, a slip of paper. The writing on it was as follows: OUTWOOD'S v. Outwood's. First innings. J.P. Barnes, c. Hammond, b. Downing's did not bat. Outwood's rollicked considerably that night. Mike, if he had cared to take the part, could have been the Petted Hero.

The cramped muscles would unlimber behind the bat, the tired limbs would forget their weariness in the jaunt that had been planned with father, and during the hours of freedom the three were chums in sports, in interests, in confidence.

I went upstairs to my room and packed three neckties, a boxing glove, two books, a baseball and a picture of myself in baseball clothes in a suit case. I carried the bat, and as a last precaution I took a toy pistol and my bank, which boasted of sixty-four cents. I started at about eight o'clock in the evening and went as far as the summer house at the lower end of our grounds.

He joined the squad in the upper end and got in line for the batting. Worry Arthurs paced wildly to and fro yelling for the boys to hit. A dense crowd of students thronged the platform and laughed, jeered, and stormed at the players. The cage was in such an uproar that Arthurs could scarcely be heard. Watching from the line Ken saw Weir come to bat and stand aggressively and hit the ball hard.

He then returns to bat again and continues until he is caught out. This game, though very similar to rackets and squash, is more scientific than either. The court is enclosed by four walls. A net midway down the court divides the "service" side from the "hazard" side. The rackets used in court tennis have long handles and a large face.

A warning cry from his coach, however, checked him in full speed, and he whirled about to see that Sleepy, foreseeing the throw from right-field as soon as the ball left the bat, had sauntered over behind the third baseman, had stopped the wild throw, and now stood waiting for the base-runner to declare his intention before he threw the ball.

Crack! went the bat, and in a twinkling the sphere was sailing high in the air toward left field. "Hurrah, that's the way to do it!" "Run, everybody run!" "Get it, Sam, get it!" The ball was high in the air and well over Sam's head. The youngest Rover was running with might and main down left field. The eyes of all the spectators were on him.

Within a few minutes the innings victory would be won or lost. Despair cured me of nerves. I bowled my fourth ball without any excitement. Radley fumbled and missed it. He smiled grimly, twisted his bat round, adjusted the handle, and resumed his position at the block.