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"The judge tells me that your legal powers are really amazing that you have accumulated more law in four months " "Tut! Tut!" cried Gwynne, springing to his feet and reaching the table in a stride. "Have some more whiskey, judge. And don't flatter me any more. I am afraid that vanity is my besetting weakness " "Thank God it is not the other!" said the older man, fervently.

The old, old story how it repeats itself! Boys grow up amid profuse prodigality, and are launched into a world where they can no more arrest themselves than the feather-weight can pull in the lightning stride of the two-year-old, who defies all check and takes the flat as he chooses. They are brought up like young Dauphins, and tossed into the costly whirl to float as best they can on nothing.

Yes, he was running, but a gaunt bay horse was running with him, stride for stride. Old Man Curry, at the paddock gate, tugged at his beard with one hand and fumbled for his tobacco with the other. Side by side the black and the bay swept upon the floundering outsiders, overwhelmed them, and passed on.

It was a generous act the act of a real captain. But he lingered too long. The Indians were upon him they out-stripped him, as he turned late, and before his horse had caught its stride they were between him and the gates. He wheeled around, and bending low to avoid the bullets he sped at a tangent in the opposite direction, for the timber of Wheeling Hill.

I went possibly an eighth of a mile above the spit, carrying my hat in my hand and moving in a leisurely way. In truth I was at peace with the world. We had succeeded in our quest and found the treasure. In a few days at most I should be back at Panama with my slim sweetheart in my arms. What more could rational man ask? Then I stopped in my stride, snatched into a sudden amazement.

But Wildfire, snorting scorn on all hills and this in particular, never so much as checked or faltered in his long stride and thus we approached the lumbering chaise rapidly.

My wife, pale and wringing her hands, took a rapid stride across the room, uttering a prolonged moan as though she had toothache. With a wave of my hand, I went into the drawing-room. I was choking with rage, and at the same time I was trembling with terror that I might not restrain myself, and that I might say or do something which I might regret all my life.

I'm only Jenny o' Mill-Dykes now just as I've always been the toss an' catch of every man! but I 'ad a grip on Ned with the kid, an' he'd a' done me right in the end if you an' your precious 'innocent' 'adn't been in the way " Robin made a quick stride towards her. "Go out of this place!" he said, fiercely "How dare you come here with such lies!" He stopped, half choked with rage.

He was a tall fellow, standing well over six feet and he swung through the heavy sand with an easy stride that covered distance with astonishing rapidity. As he drew near enough to perceive Rhoda's yellow head bent above her injured foot, he quickened his pace, swung round the yucca thicket and pulled off his soft felt hat. "Good-morning!" he said. "What's the matter?"

"Go and hurry that buggy," he ordered, as he crushed the sheet of paper on which he had been nervously figuring. Then, springing up, he began pacing his office with impatient stride. A clerk glanced quickly up from his desk, watched him one moment with attentive eye, and looked significantly at his neighbor.

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