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Bullsom declared heartily. "Can't expect these young ladies to see through a business matter, eh? I will come to your lordship's house whenever you like." "It would be quite useless, uncle," Mary interposed, firmly. "Lord Arranmore has already my final answer." Mr. Bullsom was a little excited. "Tut, tut, child!" he exclaimed. "Don't talk nonsense.

At her command the big beast rose slowly and stood before her, swinging his head from side to side, his jaws agape. David called to Baree and the dog came to him like a streak and stood against his leg, snarling fiercely. "Tut, tut," admonished David, softly, laying a hand on Baree's head. "We're all friends, boy. Look here!"

"She doesn't drink out of one of my glasses," I declared angrily. "It's one of my rules that dogs " "Tut!" said Mr. Thoburn. "What's good for man is good for beast. Besides, the little beggar's thirsty." Well, they made a great fuss about the creature's being thirsty, and so finally I got a panful of spring water and it drank until I thought it would burst.

"Excuse me," he said to Mortimer, "I had forgotten I had to ring up Stanning!" "Oh, dear," said Mortimer from his place on the hearth rug where he was warming his coat tails in front of the fire, "isn't that unfortunate? I wish I had known! Tut, tut, how annoying for you!" The telephone seemed quite dead. "I don't understand!" said Desmond to Mortimer. "What's annoying?"

She pointed to the brilliant songster. "I thought he was coming to this woods so I came to hunt him," said David, his irritation gone. "I saw that fellow over by the tobacco field and followed him here. I bet they have their nest in this very woods. We'll look better next spring and try to find it and see the little ones. Tut, tut," he whistled to the bird, "don't sing your pretty head off."

And Jeff went back to the shop so quiet have you ever seen an animal that is stricken through, how quiet it seems to move? Well, that's how he walked. And since that, though it's quite a little while ago, the shop's open till eleven every night now, and Jeff is shaving away to pay back that five hundred that Johnson, the livery man, sent to the Cubans, and Pathetic? tut! tut!

Talk about the prince on a milk-white steed that always rescued the princess Ben in his aeroplane makes him look like thirty cents." "Tut, tut," said Mrs. Barry; "you know I don't like slang." The girlish voice laughed. "But, dear Mrs. Barry, 'marry come up' and 'ods bodikins' were probably slang in the day of the spear and shield. When may I see you and hear about it?"

Your friend packed me off to America; but for some reasons I should prefer Golmoor old Colmoor, eh? I fear I am a voluptuary, my son, fond of comfort, and old things, and pretty things. And all that I shall have yet! Tut, O'Hara is not done with the world, nor it with him. As to Norfolk, I once knew a person in this neighbourhood "

"Take her for a walk in the park, or a straw ride, or walk home with her from church. Chance! Pshaw!" "You don't know the social mill, dad. She's part of the stream that turns it. Every hour and minute of her time is arranged for days in advance. I must have that girl, dad, or this town is a blackjack swamp forevermore. And I can't write it I can't do that." "Tut!" said the old man.

"He was not a pauper, Richard, and you know it; and he made enough by teaching to keep him and Margaret comfortably till he broke down and died three years ago, and poor Margaret followed him to the grave a year later. He was a good man in every way a good man." "Tut, tut! I am not saying he wasn't a good man.

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