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Alena came in, made some remark about the house, then went out to singe the pig for Christmas. The library-clock struck eleven; a clock in the hall answered. Then there came a sudden ring on the telephone; it sounded strange and piercing in the empty stillness. "Is that you, Dmitri Vladimirovich?

"How are you going to know which telephone the unknown will call up from? He may go to any of a hundred, more or less." "He might yes. But that's a chance we've got to take. It isn't so much of a chance, though when you stop to think that he will probably go to some public telephone in an isolated spot, and, unless I'm much mistaken he will go to a telephone near where he was to-day.

At the telephone!" chanted a club attendant, passing through the tea-room. "On the tennis courts," Mrs. Breckenridge said, without turning her head. "You had better make it a message: explain that he's playing!" "I didn't see him go down," remarked Florence, diverted.

On the sidewalk Larry glanced swiftly around him. Half a block down the street on the front of a drug-store was a blue telephone flag. A minute later he was inside a telephone booth in the drug-store, asking first for the Hotel Grantham, and then asking the Grantham operator to be connected with Miss Maggie Cameron. There was a long wait.

De Guenther had used the telephone on her husband, that Miss Braithwaite was to have a half-day immediately as far as she could make out, in order to transact city affairs! She felt as if the angels had told her she could have the last fortnight over again, as a favor, or something of the sort. A half-day out of turn was something nobody had ever heard of.

"Perhaps that's why he disappeared working to get Cummings," John suggested. "Maybe," said Brennan. "I've thought of that, too. What I can't understand, though, is why Gibson wants Sweeney fired when the chief is the 'Gink's' worst enemy." That afternoon they heard from Gibson. The secretary of the missing commissioner called them by telephone and they hurried to his office.

Later in the evening one of the servants whispered to the hostess that she was wanted on the telephone the State Department. She returned to the drawing-room looking as if she had just heard of a death in the family. The guests began considerately to leave. Her expensive party was a dismal failure. As I have known her husband for years, I asked if I could be of any use.

She did not want him to come home, she was hardly conscious of any desire or dread; her only thought was that he was there now at the telephone, and in a moment Alix would have hung up the receiver, and she, Cherry, would not have spoken to him, would not have heard his voice!

At selected intervals I crept from my post and surveyed the lane upon which the window of the consulting-room opened and also the path leading to the tradesmen's entrance, from which one might look across the lawn and in at the open study windows. It was during one of these tours of inspection and whilst I was actually peering through a gap in the hedge, that I heard the telephone bell. Dr.

I can't stand that damned wife of Claude's!" She was spearing roasting ears out of a big iron pot and looked up through the steam. "Why, have you seen her? I was listening on the telephone this morning and heard her tell Bayliss she would be in town until late." "Oh, yes! She went to town all right, and he's over there eating a cold supper by himself. That woman's a fanatic.