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Strange things will be seen there, and deeds which make the soul black. But we are sent to lighten their darkness; and we will teach our kinsmen to keep a Christmas with us such as the woodland has never known. Forward, then, and let us stiffen up our feeble knees!" A murmur of assent came from the men. Even the horses seemed to take fresh heart.

"Did you get all that water with just cleaning up the snail marks?" she said. William coughed and cleared his throat. "Well," he said, deprecatingly, "most of it. I think I got most of it." "If it wasn't Christmas Day ..." she went on darkly. William's spirits rose. There was certainly something to be said for Christmas Day.

On the evening of the third day after Christmas, the priest gave in our honour a grand Siberian ball, to which all the inhabitants of the four villages were invited, and for which the most elaborate preparations were made.

The rest of the time I have spent wandering about the North African deserts looking for my son, Roderick. You remember the boy, or should, for you are his godfather, and I used to send you photographs of him as a little chap." "Of course, of course," said the Professor in a new tone; "I came across a Christmas letter from him the other day. But, my dear Adams, what happened? I never heard."

"I have not been in Naples two hours, and have just left my bag at my usual quarters with Don Matteo. Then I came here to get a cup of coffee, and now I was going to you. Besides, it is the tenth of December. You know that I always come on the tenth every year, and stay until the twentieth, in order to be back in Muro four days before Christmas.

In the first place, I offer you all my love, and best wishes for a cheerful Christmas, and much enjoyment of your holidays. I am afraid, dear Jane, that your holidays will be somewhat busy ones; but you have Isabella to help you to make `a clearance of business, as you say. I do not know what you will say to me for providing more work for you. I will explain presently what I mean by this.

In far Lithuania they had celebrated Christmas; and it came to him as if it had been yesterday himself a little child, with his lost brother and his dead father in the cabin in the deep black forest, where the snow fell all day and all night and buried them from the world.

He lacked grace of form, but he had plenty of force, and though his movements were sometimes sudden and ungainly he was not without a certain air of nobility. His brown mustache did not altogether hide the half-scornful expression of his mouth. "How is everybody?" asked Macaulay Carvel of his father. "We shall have a most jolly Christmas, all together." "Well, Mr.

"That's what made me bite, Mr Simple; I thought of the old woman, and how comfortable it would make her in her old age, and so, d'ye see, I sacrificed myself." "How long have you been married, Swinburne?" "Ever since Christmas '94. I wasn't going to be hook'd carelessly, so I nibbled afore I took the bait.

And beyond this, the rosemary was likewise permitted to put forth masses of flowers of the Madonna’s own colour of blue, concerning which a traditionCeltic, not Italianavers that on Christmas morning upon every plant of rosemary will be found by those who care to seek them expanded blooms in honour of St Joseph, the Virgin and the Holy Child.