Then he jousted with his twenty fellows that were made knights with him, but for to make a short tale, he overthrew all those twenty, that none might withstand him a buffet. Then one of those knights departed unto King Mark, and told him all, how Alisander was made knight, and all the charge that his mother gave him, as ye have heard afore time.

That ud only make it worse. I tried that dodge once afore, an' nearly lost my har for it. He's a blind Injun kin be fooled that away. 'Twon't do nohow." "They're not going to be so partickler when they're on the war-trail, I warrant ye. I don't see why it shouldn't do well enough." Most of the hunters agreed with the former speaker.

When Sir Burnham was alive and afore he went to Egypt it was different; although, mind you, it's my belief oh, ah, it is indeed that him coming here had as much to do with Sir Burnham's death as the loss of his son what I told you about. That's my belief." I took a sip from my replenished mug, and: "I cannot understand," I said, "why the presence of Dr.

You AIN'T! Why not?" "'Cause he's gone where you can't git at him. He died jest afore I left the house." Mr. Saunders' brandished fist fell heavily on the arm of his chair. His face turned white in patches, and then flamed red again. "Died!" he gasped. "Died." "You you're a liar!" "No, I ain't. John Baxter's dead.

"Well, it be gettin' late for sartain," answered Tom, "and that'll save your little wax skin for the time; but see, jest see, boy, if I doesn't sarve you out, now, afore sundown!" "Which way shall we beat, Tom," asked Harry, as he changed his riding boots for heavy shooting shoes and leggins; "which course to-day?"

He hed a heap o' notions about things matchin'. He brought me that gownd the v'yage he made jest afore Caleb was born; and I never hed a chance to wear it much, the children come so fast. It warn't re'ly worn at all, 'n' I hed it dyed black for veils arterwards."

How can I be here when I'm at St. Germains?" "Dinna be angry wi' me," Corp begged. "I ken you're ower the water, but when I see you, I kind of forget; and just for the minute I think you're here." "Well, think afore you speak." "I'll try, but that's teuch work. When do you come to Scotland?" "I'm no sure; but as soon as I'm ripe."

Three men were lying up against a garden wall. We asked them for news. They could not tell us much, except that the Germans were still advancing. "We was at Dickebusch when 'e started slingin' stuff over gorblimy, 'e don't 'alf wallop yer umpteen of our mates got bleed'n' well biffed. We cleared out afore it got too 'ot."

"By all that's good," says the Pope, "I often hard ov the imperance ov you Irish afore," says he, "but I never expected to be called a saint in my own house, either by Irishman or Hottentot.

"I can see no great difference," says Leather-Stocking, "atween givin' up territory afore a war, out of a dread of war, or givin' it up after a war, because we can't help it onless it be that the last is most manful and honorable."