Conversation was not her strong point, evidently, or, perhaps, the presence of a stranger made her shy. For, to all Carrie's remarks and inquiries, she vouchsafed only nods in reply, or the shortest of answers in a gruff voice and an ungracious tone. "Who is he?" she asked at last, when she had begun to sip her cup of tea. She did not even condescend to look at Max as she made the inquiry.

"I am glad I am not complete mistress of myself and my possessions yet. One should sip and taste of pleasure before drinking a full draft. My father, you must know, did not have the French idea of marrying me out of hand; and I mean not to marry until I find a man I can not live without. It will be time enough then. And as for being timid only look at my Aunt Peggy!

At dinner, grown more bold and free, She parted Pamphilus and me; For veering round unheard, unseen, She slily drew her chair between. Then with alluring, am'rous smiles And nods and other wanton wiles, The unsuspecting youth insnared, And rivall'd me in his regard. Next she affectedly would sip The liquor that had touched his lip.

Mother Atterson has sold us like so many cattle to the highest bidder. Ungrateful right down ungrateful, I call it," he declared. "What do you say, Feeble?" "It is particularly distasteful to me just now," complained the invalid. "When Sister has learned to give me my hot water at just the right temperature," and he took a sip of that innocent beverage.

"Why, it's the way things don't happen; the way we can't get anything done." He did not see the sympathetic hand she stretched out to him; went back to the big brandy glass instead, for another long luxurious inhalation and a small sip or two. "It's partly our own fault, of course," he went on, presently. "We've made some fool mistakes.

His wizened face broke into a broader smile, and the three young ladies laughed in musical echo to his pleasantry, swaying their bodies to and fro, with nervous jerks of their shoulders. The boldest said: "O, now, Mr. Browne, I'm sure the doctor never ordered anything of the kind." Mr. Browne took another sip of his whisky and said, with sidling mimicry: "Well, you see, I'm like the famous Mrs.

When, at the end of a well-turned sentence, he paused and took a sip of water, there was a round of applause, in which many of the admirers of Mr Harry Lauder joined. He resumed his speech. The audience listened intently. Mr Bickersdyke, having said some nasty things about Free Trade and the Alien Immigrant, turned to the Needs of the Navy and the necessity of increasing the fleet at all costs.

I am not particularly fond of little children, I must own; but I simply lost my heart to your little girl." "Marya Dmitrievna," Lavretsky blurted out suddenly, "allow me to ask you what is your object in talking to me like this?" "What object?" Marya Dmitrievna sniffed her eau de cologne again, and took a sip of water.

"Hurry up, can't you?" growled our host; "what are you girls always so beastly particular for?" "O, it's all very well to say bosh," replied Harold, nettled; "but every one knows it's true but you. Why, when Uncle Thomas was here last, and they got up a bottle of wine for him, he took just one tiny sip out of his glass, and then he said, 'Poo, my goodness, that's corked! And he wouldn't touch it.

Akulina knocked it from the counter into the farthest corner of the shop." "Tell us all about it," said Schmidt, more interested than ever. "Ah, that that is quite another matter," answered the Count, reddening perceptibly as he remembered Akulina's furious abuse. "If you do not, I have no doubt that she will," said Dumnoff, taking another sip.