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Just as Nozdrev uttered the words Porphyri entered with a fresh bottle of liquor; but Chichikov declined either to play or to drink. "Why do you refuse to play?" asked Nozdrev. "Because I feel indisposed to do so. Moreover, I must confess that I am no great hand at cards." "WHY are you no great hand at them?" Chichikov shrugged his shoulders. "Because I am not," he replied.

Again the ironic glance swept the other's face. "Another smile would be good for you, anyway. You're entirely too serious. Here you are!" and the decanter once more did service. Hough picked up his glass and nodded with gravity "Yes, I always was a sad devil." By successive movements the liquor approached his lips. "Lots of troubles and tribulations all my "

"Yes, but under different circumstances. When I told you, I was sick and wouldn't have touched a drop if a barrel full had been under my nose; but I tell you now when I am well. Do you know the reason why I am so strong in the faith now? Of course you don't, and that is what I am going to tell you. I was out in the stable this evening and I found a bottle of liquor.

"They will not fall out, they will not straggle, but if they come to a place where wine's in plenty, they will make bastes of themselves; and after all," he added, "after the work they have gone through, who is to blame them?" At the halt the next evening at Bembibre the colonel's forebodings that the men could not be trusted where liquor was plentiful were happily not verified.

In the first he found several cases of liquor also a barrel of hard bread. In the forecastle he found that the water supply was furnished by a small faucet on the after bulkhead. Trying it, he found a clear flow. Then he selected from his bunch of keys the one belonging to the forecastle door, and put it in the lock outside.

He is a very temperate man, and you could not fancy him in liquor last night?" "Lord help you! You women are always thinking of men's being in liquor. Why, you do not suppose a man is overset by a bottle? I am sure of this that if everybody was to drink their bottle a day, there would not be half the disorders in the world there are now. It would be a famous good thing for us all."

'He advised that you should go to a home where you would not be able to get hold of any liquor and would be looked after' 'You mean a madhouse. You wouldn't put me in a madhouse, Dick? 'I wouldn't put you anywhere where you didn't like to go; but he said nothing about a madhouse. 'What did he say, then?

The thieves had left the blanket; I touched it, I perceived that it was yet warm, so that I knew they could not have been gone a long while. The day was just breaking, and I awoke my companions; the lawyer was much ashamed of himself, and offered the humblest apologies, and as a proof of his repentance, he poured on the ground the remainder of the liquor in his flask.

Criminals are simply fined, lightly or heavily, according to the circumstances of each case. Even in cases of repeated attempts at wicked rebellion, they only have their right hands cut off. The king's body-guards and attendants all have salaries. Throughout the whole country the people do not kill any living creature, nor drink intoxicating liquor, nor eat onions or garlic.

"Hadn't you better throw in a glass of liquor, and a few plugs of tobacco?" asked the officer, sarcastically, never having heard of such kind of treatment to people who were disposed to be vicious. "Your suggestion is good, and shall be acted on," replied Fred, pleasantly. "Have you any other?"