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She lived, as she said, in a mere slum, with an old aunt, a person in connexion with whom she spoke of the engrossment of humdrum duties and regular occupations. She wasn't, the mourning niece, in her first youth, and her vanished freshness had left something behind that, for Stransom, represented the proof it had been tragically sacrificed.

But what would be thought of this mode of acting on a demand upon the Treasury in England? Instead of all this cunning, is there not one plain way open, that is, to put the burden of the proof on those who make the demand?

"If you are really my friend, you will give me some proof of your friendship." "And what proof do you want, my dear?" "I want you to come and sup with me to-morrow." "I can't, Sophie dear, for I have just said no to your mother, and she would be offended if I granted you what I had refused her." "Oh, no! she wouldn't; it was she who told me to ask you just now."

"Will be down to see you to-night at eight. Have sent a note to Nat in your name, telling him to be there, too. I think we have him on the hip, so be sure and have the squire and the officer present." Code wondered vaguely how they had Nat on the hip, as he had been unable to find a single iota of proof to push home the case he and Elsa had built up against him.

The proof of this assertion will appear as we proceed with the development of the prophecies.

To rattle ahead of everything is not a proof of maturity." "All right, sir; I give you our age. But to show you I mean business I've got a job." "Glad to hear it." "Joined a publisher; my governor is putting up the stakes." Soames put his hand over his mouth he had so very nearly said: "God help the publisher!" His grey eyes scrutinised the agitated young man. "I don't dislike you, Mr.

With the exception of a few cases of this kind, no proof can be furnished that any material change was brought about in the relations of the old English settlers with their Irish neighbors.

"I believe it now," said Mr. Stanton, doggedly. "Why should I not?" "If you wish to be convinced, proof is at hand. Wait a moment." Ralph Pendleton rose from his seat and left the counting-room. Two minutes had not passed when he returned with an elderly man, thin of face and wasted in figure, looking twenty years older than Mr. Stanton, though really of about the same age.

Also, the law that I obey does not allow me to take the blood of men save upon full proof, and against you as yet I have no proof. Still, Hokosa, be warned in time and let your heart be turned before the grave claims your body and the Wicked One your soul." "I thank you, King, for your gentle words and your tender care for my well-being both on earth and after I shall leave it.

At every bridge and railway-crossing a sentinel, standing in the middle of the road with lifted rifle, stopped the motor and examined our papers. In this negative sphere there was hardly any other tangible proof of military rule; but with the descent of the first hill beyond Montmirail there came the positive feeling: This is war!