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"Doris Fletcher is going to bring her niece out next winter; wants me to help launch her." Raymond made no response to this. He was not apt to be suspicious, but he waited. "She has twin nieces. Her younger sister died at their birth she made a sad marriage, poor girl, and the father of her children seems to have been blotted off the map. The Fletchers were always silent and proud.

That was when the offering was taken and a certain dignified magnate, whose fame as a king of finance is world-wide, officiated as one of the collectors. "Heavens and earth!" murmured Captain Elisha, staring wide-eyed at the unmistakable features so often pictured and cartooned in the daily papers; "Caroline Caroline, am I seein' things or is that is that " "That is Mr. ," whispered his niece.

But all the same her aunt did not intend that either of them should have her pretty niece if she could manage matters so as to prevent it. Clifton went southward again not long after his summer visit to the mountains, and on his return he had more to say about what he had seen and done and enjoyed than was usual with him.

It was not within her power to induce Margaret to renounce her engagement, and had she known her niece better, I do not think that she would have made the attempt. She did succeed in learning that Margaret had received no renewal of an offer from her son, that there was, in fact, no positive engagement now existing between them; and with this, I think, she should have been satisfied.

French Sheldon has shown how far beyond the beaten track a woman's adventurous spirit may lead her; and Miss Mary Kingsley, a niece of the late Charles Kingsley, has intrepidly explored the interior of Africa, her scientific observations being welcomed by British savants.

But, niece, let me tell you this, in my young days things of this kind used to turn out very badly for girls. Don't be angry with me, my mother. It's only tools who are angry with the truth. I've even told them not to let him in to see me to-day. I love him, but I shall never forgive him for this. So he is a widower! Give me some water.

In the morning my fair niece came into my room just as Clairmont was washing my feet, and begged me to let her have some coffee as chocolate made her hot. I told my man to go and fetch some coffee, and as soon as he was gone she went down on her knees and would have wiped my feet. "I cannot allow that, my dear young lady." "Why not? it is a mark of friendship."

Lord Cashel was one of the first resident noblemen in Ireland, a representative peer, a wealthy man, and possessed of great influence; not unlikely to be a cabinet minister if the Whigs came in, and able to shower down into Connaught a degree of patronage, such as had never yet warmed that poor unfriended region. And Fanny Wyndham was not only his lordship's ward, but his favourite niece also!

Suddenly he came upon the group where the minister's wife and her niece were standing. Here, for the moment, his ease forsook him, but Mrs. Murray came to meet him with outstretched hand. "So you still retain your laurels?" she said, with a frank smile. "I hear it was a great battle." Aleck shook hands with her rather awkwardly. He was not on the easiest terms with the minister and his wife.

My niece would have been totally ruined at her convent had Urbain triumphed; you feel that as well as I do, particularly as she did not quite comprehend us, and acted the child when she was compelled to appear." "Is it possible? In full audience! What you tell me indeed makes me feel for you. How painful it must have been!" "More so than you can imagine.