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I'm not your aunt and I don't believe in calling people names that don't belong to them." "But we could imagine you were my aunt." "I couldn't," said Marilla grimly. "Do you never imagine things different from what they really are?" asked Anne wide-eyed. "No." "Oh!" Anne drew a long breath. "Oh, Miss Marilla, how much you miss!"

There are a score of ridge-characteristics on which an expert would swear in the witness-box that the marks on that bowl and the marks I have photographed on this negative were made by the same hand. 'And where did you photograph them? What does it all mean? asked Mr Cupples, wide-eyed. 'I found them on the inside of the left-hand leaf of the front window in Mrs Manderson's bedroom.

The little King started, wide-eyed with consternation, but controlled himself and held his peace; but not so the woman. She sprang to her feet, shaking with fright, and cried out "Oh, good lack, what have I done! God-a-mercy, I would not hang the poor thing for the whole world! Ah, save me from this, your worship what shall I do, what CAN I do?"

She sat up, wide-eyed, startled, the picture of amazement and it came over me that she was no peasant woman, but a lady. "Who are you?" she demanded, supporting herself on one elbow. "I do not know you; what are you doing here?" "I have been helping to nurse you," I said. "You have been ill a long time and have needed much care.

His face cleared, and, smiling with a little of his old-time cheerfulness, he said: "Yet one gets used to it and works on because one knows it will all come right sometime. I'm of the kind that waits." She looked up at him with her old wide-eyed steadfastness and replied: "You are a good man, Ranulph."

"Now, Angela!" said "Red," his face the color of his flaming hair. His dream seemed so close. Was it possible that the only girl he ever had adored was going to see it wrecked? Angela weakened a bit at his tone. "I like him," she told the bandit. "But I don't love him." "Ah! but you do!" Lopez insisted. "I do?" said Angela, wide-eyed. "I have so decide!" the bandit stated.

The car shot away and rounded into the cross street before the bobby could collect himself enough to look at its license plate. He made after it, but when he had reached the corner it had turned another and was lost. At the second turning Karslake looked round from the window with a reassuring laugh, and settled back beside Sofia. "So that ends that!" She stared wide-eyed through the shadows.

There was nothing intellectual in her fatalism: it was the animal instinct, which makes a hunted beast go on, with no consciousness of fatigue, in a staring wide-eyed dream, forgetting the stones of the road, forgetting its own body, until it falls. Her fatalism sustained her body. Love sustained her heart. Now that her own life was worn out, she lived in Christophe.

Some of the party even grew merry in a subdued way. Then, gradually, one by one they tired and went to bed. Helen vowed she could not sleep in a place where there were bats and crawling things. Madeline fancied, however, that they all went to sleep while she lay wide-eyed, staring up at the black bulge of overhanging rock and beyond the starry sky.

It was the figure of Sikkem Bruce, bearing no trace whatever of any mortal injury, and with a look of wide-eyed surprise upon his evil countenance. Jeff moved up the room. He approached without haste. His eyes were steady, and his expression one of tight-lipped determination. There was something coldly commanding in his attitude. His fair, bronzed features, keen, set, displayed no weakening.