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Then a man's voice from the adjoining bedroom "What's the matter?" She did not answer, but went on, in a tone which was a soliloquy rather than an exclamation, and a dirge rather than a soliloquy.

Ruth took the tray into the bedroom with the supper that Aunt Alvirah had prepared. There was a flaming red spot in the center of each of the boy's pallid cheeks, and his eyes were still bright. He had no little fever after the chill of his plunge into the creek. But the fever might have been as much from a mental as a physical cause. It was on Ruth's lips to ask the boy certain questions.

The fact is, Jim is rather run down; nothing much, of course, but I think a change would do him good, and the Staveleys have asked us to go to them, and I don't like to refuse, and we thought it would be such a good opportunity to have my bedroom re-papered and painted.

In this part of the castle were the dining and drawing rooms, and immediately over the latter, a state bedroom in which nobody had slept for many years. It was into a narrow passage, no wider than itself, the door led. From this passage a good-sized hall opened to the left very barely furnished, but with a huge fireplace, and a great old table, that often had feasted jubilant companies.

Such a desk may be decorated to match the chintzes of any small bedroom. If it isn't possible for you to have a desk in each guest-room, there should be a little writing-room somewhere apart from the family living-room.

Naturally I began to say to myself, 'Where have I seen a collar lately? A collar all by itself? And I remembered what, Bill?" Bill frowned heavily to himself, and shook his head. "Don't ask me, Tony. I can't By Jove!" He threw up his head, "In the basket in the office bedroom!" "Exactly." "But is that the one?" "The one that goes with the rest of the clothes? I don't know. Where else can it be?

"Yes, I am scared," Gusterson said. "Really sca ... AWP!" Fay whirled around. Daisy was standing in the bedroom doorway, wearing the short silver sheath. This time there was no mask, but her bobbed hair was glitteringly silvered, while her legs, arms, hands, neck, face every bit of her exposed skin was painted with beautifully even vertical green stripes.

Luttrell went into the bedroom where the sick man lay, so thin of face and hand, so bloodless. But it seemed that the Fates wished to deal the Colonel one last ironic stroke, before they let him die. For, while Luttrell yet stood in the room, Colonel Oakley's eyes opened.

It has a red screen standing partly across it, the back part being used for eating, and the front for sitting and occupation. My bedroom and sitting-room, and the room in which Sultan Abdullah's boys sleep are on one side, and Mr. Maxwell's room and office on the other. Underneath are bath-rooms, and guard-rooms for the Sikh sentries. There are no ornaments or superfluities.

The last train was not due till eleven-thirty, and having seen that the evening tray had sandwiches, Gyp went to Summerhay's study, the room at right angles to the body of the house, over which was their bedroom. Here, if she had nothing to do, she always came when he was away, feeling nearer to him. She would have been horrified if she had known of her father's sentiments on her behalf.