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The pair made their way to the hitherto blind side of the building, and cautiously peeped through a much-perforated shutter in the living-room. "Do you see it, sirr?" inquired M'Snape eagerly. Angus chuckled. "See it? Fine! It is right in the open, in the middle of the street. Look!" He relinquished his peep-hole.

Next day Peer's father went away. He stood there, ready to start, in the living-room at Troen, stiff felt hat and overcoat and all, and said, in a tone like the sheriff's when he gives out a public notice at the church door: "And, by the way, you're to have the boy confirmed this year." "Yes, to be sure we will," the old mother hastened to say.

There was nothing for me to say or do at least not just then so I went back to the little living-room and forced myself to be halfway pleasant to the four men who were there, each one looking precisely like the cat after it had eaten the canary!

The three ate in silence for some moments and then talked of trivial things. Peter Greyson went early to bed and the sisters washed the dishes, sharing equally. They did the out-of-door duties of caring for the scanty live stock, and at last Nella-Rose went to her tiny room under the eaves, while Marg lay down upon the living-room couch.

Aside from the eleven men he had first met the day before, there were in the big, comfortable living-room, Professor Brierly and District Attorney McCall. He felt and saw that all of them were looking at him. He was shocked at the appearance of some of the men. They seemed to have shrunken in size.

The cost of my furniture, including the oak panelling in the living-room, and all that was needed for the bedrooms, was about fifty pounds, against which I had to set thirty-eight pounds, received from the sale of my superfluous effects in London.

Keith retired as directed, and at that moment growing up seemed to him a more unreal and impossible thing than ever. Not long afterwards the grandmother left, both parents escorting her to the outside door. When they returned to the living-room, Keith heard his mother say: "I don't see why she should always find fault with Keith.

Me for a home- cooked dinner. Here's an unabridged cluster of orchids for Mrs. Wharton, too. If I'd had time I'd have brought you a hanging-lamp or a plush album decorated with sea-shells." He entered the living-room with a hand extended and a smile upon his lips, then halted as if frozen. By the time he had been introduced to Adoree he had burst into a gentle perspiration.

The things you're used to must be a good deal handsomer. Everything's so old here." "I love old things," said I. "Our house at home is very old, and I wouldn't have anything changed for worlds, even if it were to be made better." "Why, that's kind of the way I feel, too!" exclaimed Patty, giving my waist a sympathetic squeeze. "I like this living-room. But Ide doesn't admire it a little bit."

It was a trifling thing to make my heart turn over; but it did. I covered the passage in two jumps to the living-room door.

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