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The ice was broken at last, and the class felt at home, even in the somewhat deep waters of philosophy; and Patty, however undeservedly, had gained the credit of having a deeper insight than most into matters psychical.

"I'm glad she's not my cousin," said Enid; then, suddenly realizing that her remark was scarcely tactful, and that Patty was looking uncomfortable, she continued: "Never mind, Patty, we like you, you know. You shan't be able to say now that you haven't a friend in the school. I'm going to ask Miss Lincoln to let us each move up a little, so that you can sit next to me at dinner.

These feats of strength and cunning, statecraft and desperation, reminded Hulda of a book she had read about the Norman knights in England kidnapping and robbing the poor Saxons; and one description of King William the Conqueror suggested to Hulda that he was perhaps a Patty Cannon in his times, as his body and legs were short and powerful, like hers, and he could bend a bow riding on horseback that no other knight could bend on foot with the legs planted firmly.

Patty beamed around on them all, and seemed a different girl from the Patty of the last twenty-four hours. "You were a brick!" said Kenneth, "through it all. I know how you suffered, but you bravely forgot yourself in trying to make it pleasant for the others." "Nonsense! I acted like a pig! A horrid, round, fat pig!

"I don't believe you need worry about it, Patty; of course we know you're popular, but you're not as popular as that." "No," said Patty; "I didn't mean that I thought I really should get that many invitations. It's only that one is open to the constant danger."

She had no time to say more, and Patty had no time to say anything before the door opened and presented to their limited range of vision, two utterly strange pairs of shoes and the hems of alien trousers. "I hope you will excuse me, Miss," began the molasses gentleman, so full of his entrance speech that he said the first part of it before he noticed that the room was empty.

"Yes, I went to see her once not long ago. I promised her that I'd come back when she sent for me. She wanted to tell me something, but she was so ill that she couldn't remember what it was. It was about Father, she said." "Stephen will come for us after he has taken Margaret home. I gave him the number." Patty turned and gave her a long look.

"I don't know," said Patty, doubtfully; "I think we'll have tea in our rooms, and not come down till dinner time." "As you like," returned Kit; "if we four have to live together for weeks, it won't do to see TOO much of each other!" "Then perhaps we won't come down to dinner, either," said Patty, with a momentary flash of her roguish nature.

Patty glanced up, and smiled consciously as she discovered the face she had expected to see; but Eve remained for some minutes unaware of her acquaintance's proximity. Scrutinising her appearance, as he could at his ease, Hilliard thought she looked far from well: she had a tired, dispirited expression, and paid no heed to the people about her.

Miss Spencer, that's the lady who lives with us you know, is afraid that Patty sees too much of him. He is at the house every day " "Well?" Corinna waited patiently. She was not in the least afraid of what Stephen might do. She knew that she could trust him to be a gentleman; but being a gentleman, she reflected, did not necessarily keep one from breaking a woman's heart.