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But as they vanished surely they whispered, "That which is written is written." The mosques of Islam echoed these words, and surely this little church that bravely stood among them. "That which is written is written." Domini rose from her knees, hid the wooden cross once more in her breast, and went out into the evening.

The trunk had been elevated to its present position through the most painful exertions. "Perhaps I can climb over it," I said, and bravely made the attempt. No one knew, in the voiceless darkness, of the suddenly helpless and collapsed condition in which I landed on the other side. I groped about for a seat, and finally succeeded in finding one at the extreme rear of the vehicle. 'Rasmus drove.

It was a pitch-black night, and they were bravely endeavouring to do it without catching a glimpse of the horse. I gave them the benefit of my lamp until they had got the brute out. Two more bodies of stragglers I directed, and then pushed on rapidly to St Waast, where I found all the other motor-cyclists safe except Johnson.

When Rip got tired, he climbed up, as he intended, on the bottom of the boat, and after resting a few seconds, again took to towing, Snarley all the time swimming bravely on. I never saw an animal exhibit so much sagacity. "At length the boat was brought near enough to enable Rip to wade, when I going to his assistance, we dragged her up until she grounded.

She waved her pocket handkerchief cheerily to us as we stood together on the platform. I caught a glimpse of the guard's face while his van swept past us. It wore a set expression, like that of a man determined in the cause of duty to go steadily forward into the unknown facing dread things bravely.

You have heard of her fate, perhaps?" "No," answered Paul and True Blue in a breath. "What has happened to her?" "The fortune of war, my friends," answered the Frenchman. "She fell in with our consort, La Nymphe of forty guns, and engaged her bravely for three hours. For which side victory would have declared is doubtful, when we appeared in sight.

"Oh, I know what they are!" suddenly cried Janet. "What?" "In Indians!" faltered Janet. "Oh, Teddy, if they should be wild Indians!" "Pooh!" exclaimed Teddy, trying to speak bravely. "Uncle Frank said there weren't any very wild Indians near his ranch." "Maybe these ones wasn't near the ranch before, but they're coming near now," said Janet, so excited the words tumbled out all mixed-up like.

Men climbed upon the seats and vaulted up when they heard the cry and saw the way of safety; and some stayed and worked bravely beside Stephen, wrenching up the seats and piling them for a ladder to help the women up. More just clambered up and fled to the fire-escape, out into the night and safety. But Stephen had no thought of flight.

She endeavored to laugh mockingly, yet only a hollow semblance came from between her white lips. "Pah!" she cried nervously, "you speak bravely; pray, who gave you authority to give orders to the Daughter of the Sun?" "One greater than the Sun, woman," he answered. "I speak to you in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, and by authority of the Holy Catholic Church."

"We will do that gladly," returned the big tiger. The rest of the forest animals voiced assent. "Where is this great spider of yours now?" asked the Cowardly Lion bravely. "Yonder," said the tiger, indicating with a tawny paw, "among the oak trees." The Cowardly Lion overcame his fear and ignored the trepidation within his heart. He came upon the Forest Monster shortly thereafter.