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Here the pointed extremity of the shadow was seen, stealing slowly towards the open grave, an emblem of that oblivion in which its humble tenants were so shortly to be wrapped. At this spot, Mark Heathcote and his remaining companions had assembled.

Shortly after his entrance the sound of music and dancing abruptly stopped. This stillness gave the spider pause, but he was about to renew his weaving, when, in the silence, a woman spoke. "You, Mabel, don't you go home," she said. She had not spoken loudly, but her voice beat against the walls of the court as though it could have filled the whole moonlight night with dangerous beauty.

Shortly after leaving, we came suddenly upon a party apparently wrangling over a piece of meat, at a point where the trail was crossed by a small stream, flowing in a thin sheet over a smooth face of rock, twenty or more feet high, and tilted at about seventy degrees. The wranglers took alarm on our approach and scattered in all directions.

But it seems certain that neither the concession nor the refusal of any demands put forward by any party in Ireland could have prevented the insurrection which broke out shortly afterward.

Then Theodor turned to Noémi, and put his arm caressingly round the girl's waist, who in answer to it pushed him away and turned her face from him. "Leave the girl alone!" said Therese shortly, in a severe tone. "What do you want now?" "There, there don't turn me out of the house before I have got in. Is it not permissible to embrace my little bride? Noémi won't break if I look at her?

Shortly after this occurrence at Carlton-House, Brummel remarked to one of his friends, that "he had half a mind to cut the young one, and bring old George into fashion." In describing a short visit which he had paid to a nobleman in the country, he said, that he had only carried with him a night-cap and a silver basin to spit in, "Because, you know, it is utterly impossible to spit in clay."

Will you be my " Bobby turned excessively pink, and completed his request. Wagstaffe surveyed him resignedly. "We all come to it, I suppose," he observed. "Only some come to it sooner than others. Are you of age, my lad? Have your parents " "I'm twenty-two," said Bobby shortly. "Will the bridesmaids be pretty?" "They are all peaches," replied Bobby, with enthusiasm.

Chester stared back at him, telling himself angrily as he did so that he did not in the least know what the Frenchman was driving at! What did Paul de Virieu mean by saying this stupid, obvious thing, and why should he drag in the question of his being happy or unhappy? "You know that I did my best to persuade her to leave the place," said Chester shortly.

His .38-special, in its shoulder-holster, was lying on the dresser; he had not bothered putting it on when he had gone to see Rivers the morning before, and it had lain there all the previous day. He distinctly remembered having moved it, shortly after dinner, when he had gone to his room for some notes he had made on the collection.

The artist laughed. "It is so written in the law, I believe." The other continued solemnly, "Your recklessness is only hastening the end. If you don't answer those letters you will be forced, shortly, to meet the consequences face to face." "I suppose so," returned the painter, indifferently. "But I have my answer ready, you know." "You mean that portrait?" "Yes." The novelist laughed grimly.