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"I know I saw her distinctly; it is impossible that I could have been mistaken. Where can she be? What has become of her? Where has she concealed herself?" "What becomes of the last sigh of a dying person, your excellency," asked Schluter, solemnly. "Where does the soul conceal itself after escaping from the body?" "Ah, nonsense!" ejaculated Count Munster. "It could not have been a spectre.

"We honor our king, and abhor the criminal just as we formerly loved the innocent son of Cyrus." "Did you recognize Bartja distinctly?" "Yes." "And you, Croesus, can you too give no other answer?" "No! I fancied I saw your brother in the moonlight then, as clearly as I see him now; but I believe we must have been deceived by some remarkable likeness."

He was sitting before the fire in a padded dressing gown, a rather thick-set figure with grey hair, wan cheeks, and bright eyes. The hand he gave me was chill and bony, yet I saw plainly that he was much better than when I had last seen him. He was up, and that was a distinctly good sign.

He thought less often of Miss Wilbur now, and he could hear her name mentioned without flushing. She had become a vaguer but no less massive power in his life. That beautiful place in his soul where she was he had a strange reverence for. He loved to have it there. It was an inspiration to him, and yet he did not distinctly look forward to ever seeing her, much less to meeting her.

This performance apparently attracted but little attention from the child's companion, for the young voice suggested, as a new form of entertainment, 'Shall I say my prayers? 'Yes, replied one whom Swithin had begun to recognize. 'Who shall I pray for? No answer. 'Who shall I pray for? 'Pray for father. 'But he is gone to heaven? A sigh from Viviette was distinctly audible.

I have been seated in a room, either reading or writing, and on looking up have distinctly seen the dog lying on the carpet in front of me. A few minutes later a scraping at the door or window both of which have been shut all the while and on my rising to see what was there, I have discovered the dog outside!

Reynolds distinctly says that a man may be a good mechanic, may have even built locomotives, and yet, if he is not a good "shovel-man," if he does not know how to manage his fire, he will never rise to distinction in his profession.

The message of the little scene had been different for each, but it had been this, markedly, all round, that it reinforced reinforced even immensely the general effort, carried on from week to week and of late distinctly more successful, to look and talk and move as if nothing in life were the matter.

While so engaged she became aware of a subdued grating sound, which had continued for some time before she began to speculate upon it. While she was speculating it ceased, and after a short interval she distinctly heard a stealthy step upon the stair, and the handle of the passage door before-mentioned was gently, very gently turned.

He said this distinctly, but what followed was harder to understand; for the passionate suitor was in great haste and often interrupted his hasty sentences to assure Kasana, to whose hands in this hour he was committing his life and liberty, of his changeless love, or to soothe her when the boldness of his advances awakened fear and aversion.