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It was the chorus of girls. This had long been the custom of the school, to wake the pupils by song on Easter morning. The voices drew nearer. The singers paused at the landing of the stair. Hester could distinguish Erma's loud, clear notes which soared upward like a bird and floated over all. "Alleluia, Alleluia, swell the strain." The spirit of the Easter morn came to Hester.

What was she to do? She could not go back. She could not remain where she was. She must go on. She went on. She mounted a stair, pushed open a door, and found herself in your room." The old man sat with his mouth open, staring wildly at Holmes. Amazement and fear were stamped upon his expressive features. Now, with an effort, he shrugged his shoulders and burst into insincere laughter.

With a shout to his followers to come on, the peasant sprang forward. He ascended three steps, and then, as he placed his foot upon the sharply inclined plane of the door, which he had not noticed, he stumbled forward. His companions, supposing he had been pierced with a spear, pressed on after him, but each fell when they trod upon the door until a heap of men cumbered the stair.

She obeyed her motherly impulse to encourage Polykarp with some loving words, and climbing up the narrow stair that led to the roof, she went into his room. Surprised, irresolute, and speechless she stood for some time behind the young man, and looked at the strongly illuminated and beautiful features of the newly-formed bust, which was only too like its well-known prototype.

"Doctor Gordon wants you," he said. "How is he?" asked Georgie K., following James. "Dying." Georgie K. made an indescribable sound in his throat as the two men ascended the stair. The man was a long time dying. It seemed to James as if that awful struggle of the soul for release from the body would never cease.

Behind him came Tommy, a scarecrow monkey, with mischievous face, and greedy beads for eyes type not unknown to the policeman, who brought up the rear, big enough to have all their sizes cut out of him, and yet pass for a man. Down the stair they went, and out at the front door, which Clare for the first time saw open, and so by the iron gate into the street.

'Had he no arms? asked the Justice. 'Ay, ay, they are never without barkers and slashers. 'Any papers? 'This bundle, delivering a dirty pocket-book. 'Go downstairs then, Mac-Guffog, and be in waiting. The officer left the room. The clink of irons was immediately afterwards heard upon the stair, and in two or three minutes a man was introduced, handcuffed and fettered.

Otherwise the chief would not have thought it necessary to hew a path through the forest in order to take you by surprise." Saluting with some appearance of respect, he joined his conductors at the door and passed out of sight down the stair.

He slipped stealthily down the narrow stair, his hair rising and his pulses halting at the slightest creak. When he was halfway down, he was disturbed to perceive that the landing below was touched by a faint glow of light. What could that mean? Was his uncle still up? No, that was not likely; he must have left his night taper there when he went to bed.

It was a fighting club, and on Friday nights the few respectable, god-fearing members dandered to the town-house, as if merely curious to have another look at the building. If Lang Tammas, who was dead against letters, was in sight they wandered off, but when there were no spies abroad they slunk up the stair.