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The ceiling of the basement, in the annular part between the walls, is formed of large T iron girders, resting upon the circular walls. These support transverse girders, which, in turn, support the floor irons. The flooring of the hall is formed of ordinary floor irons, assembled upon large girders, which are supported here and there by cast iron columns.

How bewildered you still stare at me! But there comes father, and I must finish my work before the irons get cold." Wolf gazed after her speechlessly, while she withdrew behind the table as quietly as if they had been discussing the most commonplace things. The old captain blew the dust from the wine flagon and carefully removed the seal.

"Well, Governor, if you wish it," replied Captain Wilson, who wrote a note to Mr Sawbridge, requesting he would send Mr Easy to him at the Governor's house at ten o'clock in the morning. Jack made his appearance in his uniform he did not much care for what was said to him, as he was resolved to leave the service. He had been put in irons, and the iron had entered into his soul.

She tried to make her own personal choice between the dull, soft, dark colors and carved Circassian walnut furniture in the dining-room, and the sharp contrast of the reception hall, where the sunlight flooded a rosy-latticed paper, an old white Colonial mantel and fiddle-backed chairs, and struck dazzling gleams from the brass fire-dogs and irons.

There was a loud splash of men jumping overboard, and then, almost instantly, the cry of "Quarter! quarter!" The lieutenant ran to the edge of the vessel. It was as he had thought: the grappling irons of the pirate sloop had parted, and it had drifted away. The few pirates who had been left aboard of the schooner had jumped overboard and were now holding up their hands. "Quarter!" they cried.

"Now, look here, that woman who brought me the wretched food said she dare not and could not unlock that iron I've got round my ankle, but that when her husband came I was to ask him. Now, then, you're the husband, aren't you?" "Oh, yes, I'm the husband, safe enough," growled the smuggler. "Then I order you in the King's name to take these irons off."

A threatening remark by a soldier of the 49th was overheard. He was arrested and put in irons. A confession by another soldier implicated a well-known sergeant, and a message was sent to York begging Brock's immediate presence. Our hero landed from the schooner alone. It was dinner hour. The barrack-square, as Brock crossed it to the guard-house, was deserted.

She had quite believed all this long time that he had parted from Nadine Holt, and here he had been keeping up Nadine's friendship clandestinely through it all. Of course Iris Vincent was expecting to marry him. It was clear that Kendal had a good many irons in the fire. She only wished that Iris Vincent knew of his friendship for Nadine. Dorothy wondered if Nadine would penetrate her disguise.

The following are the articles by which a slaver can be condemned if found on board: A slave-deck, or planks ready for a deck; slave irons and slave coppers, which are a large cooking apparatus for the slaves and crew, standing generally amidships on the upper-deck; an extra quantity of farina, rice, water, or other provisions, which cannot be accounted for.

He seemed not in the least disturbed, despite the fact that he believed himself to be facing certain death. Billy let out a yell of joy. "They are on another track. They are not on these irons at all!" he shouted. Phil had observed this at about the same instant. He saw something else, too. The road on which the train was approaching crossed his track at right angles.

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