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They are my most trusty soldiery." "Because they love you best, and owe most to you. What has Vincent discovered below there far-off? Have you your glass, father?" "The deputation, perhaps," said Toussaint. "Yes: there they are! They have crossed the Trois Rivieres, and they are creeping up towards Plaisance. What a mere handful the party looks at this distance!

as Juvenal says: au revoir," and away went Lord Vincent, half forgetting all his late anxiety for my life, in his paternal pleasure for the delivery of his quotation. Vincent is the only punster I ever knew with a good heart.

Clearly she could not leave the faithful servant, who had probably lost life or liberty in her service, to such a fate. And yet for Lady Vincent to stir in the matter would be to risk her own life. No matter! Claudia, with all her faults, was no coward. And with a sudden resolution she arose and went downstairs and into the library, where Lord Vincent sat drinking and smoking.

"It wouldn't be worth the expense," says Eugene, decisively, "on that bit of cross road with no real street anywhere. I wonder at St. Vincent putting money in such a cubby as that." "The situation is exquisite," declares Marcia.

'Vincent, she cried, with a sob that would not be repressed, 'I cannot bear it if you talk so.... I know all, all that you have suffered and given up ... he has told me at last! Vincent looked down with an infinite pity upon the sweet contrite face raised to his. 'You poor child, he said, 'you know then? How could he tell you! Mabel, I tried so hard to spare you this and now it has come!

Sir Duke interrupted: "Of her who was Emily Dorset." "Of Miss Emily Dorset, to tell what she did not tell that day five years ago. After this other reading of the tale has been rendered, her letter and those documents are there for fuller testimony. Just Trafford's part in the drama begins, of course, with the library scene. Now Duke Lawless had never known Trafford's half-brother, Hall Vincent.

Vincent, in which Admiral Jervis, seconded by Nelson and Collingwood, with fifteen ships of the line and six frigates, defeated a Spanish fleet of twenty-seven ships of the line and twelve frigates. This important naval victory delivered England from all fears of invasion, and inspired courage into the hearts of the nation, groaning under the heavy taxes which the war increased.

Vincent acted as cockswain of the boat, while the Russian, as most of the officers and men insisted upon calling him, was seated in the stern sheets with the third lieutenant. The eight men at the oars formed the rest of the crew. "I don't believe you will find many hands down here, Mr. Pennant," said Mike in a whisper. "What do you mean by hands?" asked the officer.

It was during this interval of repose, in 1788, that Saumarez married; a step which did not in his case entail the professional deterioration charged against it by the cynical criticisms of St. Vincent.

"You came at my invitation?" demanded Lady Vincent haughtily, fixing her eyes of fire on the creatures's dace. "Yes, my lady, you know I did! It is no use for us to deny it now! Ah, my lady, I alwasy warned you that we should be found out, and now sure enough we are!" replied Frisbie.