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I used to weep my eyes out when she'd send me back to my room But crying doesn't do any good with Sister Loretto." "Crying is never any good," said Aunt Claudia. She was of Spartan mold. "Crying only weakens. When things are so bad that you must cry, then do it where the world can't see." Becky found herself thrilled by the thought of Aunt Claudia crying in secret.

He had been a personage of late, and Darco had delegated to him a good deal of his own authority. He was not a personage any longer, and he was not altogether happy in his fall from dignity. But Claudia was coming. He and Claudia would be in the same house together, and playing at the same theatre.

'Very well, Paul, said Claudia rather frigidly; 'but you must not blame me if you lose my friendship by presuming on it. I have no fear of being able to take care of my own reputation, and I want you to understand that I will do it. And now you may kiss me, and then we will talk business. Paul availed himself of the permission with alacrity until Claudia slid gently away.

To him the waving trees seemed bending in worship, the birds trilling hymns of joy, and the flowers wafting offerings of incense! There are times when earth seems heaven and all nature worshipers. Ishmael was divinely happy; even the lost image of Claudia reappeared now surrounded with a halo of hope, for to-day aspirations seemed prophecies, will seemed power, and all things possible.

"Ah," said Claudia to herself, "if I could only find some occupation which would give a purpose to existence something which would make me really useful!" After all, was there any reason why she should not? There was Eroica Baldwin, who had become a hospital nurse, and wore the neatest possible costume with quite inimitable grace. It might be worth while asking her a few questions.

After a short altercation with Lucilla she left her, sought her companion Claudia, told her what she intended doing, dismissed that lady's remonstrance with a very positive command, gave orders herself to the house-steward to have horses put to a chariot and reached the imperilled palace an hour and a half after Verus.

As far as I can judge, he appears to be just the sort of person we want." "And knows thoroughly well how to manage horses, my dear. What can be your aunt's objection to him?" As the words passed his lips Lady Claudia opened the library door. "I am so ashamed of myself," she said, sweetly. "At my age, I have been behaving like a spoiled child. How good you are to me, General!

The footman was still present, holding the door open; the General gave way. I kept so close behind him that my aunt saw me as her husband entered the room. "Come in, Mina," she said, speaking and looking like the charming Lady Claudia of everyday life. Was this the woman whom I had seen crying her heart out on the sofa hardly an hour ago?

"This is a pretty time to come on business! Show him up into my office, Sam." The servant withdrew to obey. The judge addressed himself to his breakfast, and the conversation turned upon the party of the preceding evening. "I wonder what became of Burghe? He disappeared very early in the evening," said Judge Merlin. "I turned him out of doors," answered Claudia coolly.

At this moment Judge Merlin, in his dressing-gown and slippers, came slowly into the chamber, looking around in a bewildered way and saying: "They told me the screams proceeded from my daughter's apartment. What is the matter here? Claudia, my dear, what has happened? What has frightened you?" he inquired, approaching her bedside. "Oh, my poor papa, have you been disturbed, too?

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