He turned off a little, facing round toward the wall and holding up his hand to look at as one had seen sick children look. "I've told you I told you this morning." Oh, I was sorry for him! "That you just want me not to worry you?" He looked round at me now, as if in recognition of my understanding him; then ever so gently, "To let me alone," he replied.

She reflected dismally that he had not even a wife to be nice to him, and he was far too old to have a mother. "Are you staying in Priorsford?" she asked gently. "I'm at the Temperance Hotel for a few days. I the fact is, I haven't been well. I had to take a rest, so I came back here after thirty years." "Have you really been away for thirty years?

But the time will come and is coming when it will be perfectly evident to everyone that they are not of any use at all, and only a hindrance, and those whom they interfere with will say gently and quietly to them, like my friend in the street meeting, "Pray don't interfere with us."

Douse him in the spring!" chorused the boys. Juan cried out for the Professor, but his appeals were in vain. Shouting in high glee the lads bore him to the spring from which they got their water. They plumped him in, not any too gently, again and again. "Now roll him in the sand," suggested Ned. They did so.

She took it gently with her own, and placed it on her temple again. As he sat watching her, he saw that her features were growing easier, and in a short time her deep, even breathing showed that she was asleep. "It beats all," the old nurse said. "Why, she's been a complainin' ever sence daylight, and she hain't slep' not a wink afore, sence twelve o'clock las' night!

I'm afraid she hated me poor ogress! Well! That's all over and done with. Like an evil dream. I'm here, and you're going to marry me." Very gently he drew her arms around him again. "Ah, hold fast to me! Hold fast! I have waited for you so long, I need you so much!" he breathed. "I don't seem able to help myself!" she sighed.

'That, you know, is more than you can promise, said she, very gently. 'It is not to the letter of the promise that I would bind you, but to its spirit. You understand well what I mean; you know what I wish, and why I wish it. Say that you will obey my wish, and I will leave the mode of doing it to your own honour. Have I your promise?

As a first measure for reviving him, a person introduced a finger gently into his mouth and placed his tongue in its natural position. The top of his head was the only place where there was any perceptible heat. By slowly pouring warm water over his body, signs of life were gradually obtained, and after about two hours of care the patient got up and began to walk.

"Anthony, forgive me," she besought him. He trembled under her touch, under the caress of her voice, and at the sound of his name for the first time upon her lips. "What have I to forgive?" he asked. "The thing that I did in the matter of that letter." "You poor child," said he, smiling gently upon her, "you did it in self-defence."

"Oh," she said, gently, "it would be awful that way. Yes, I can understand. I felt so, a little, while that terrible man was with me." And she shuddered again at the remembrance. Again he gave her that curious look. "There are worse things than Pop Wallis out here," he said, gravely. "But I'll grant you there's some class to the skies.