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All this he explained in a few brief words to his companion. Then both boys crouched low, peering over the cliff, having first removed their sombreros. What they saw, a few moments later, surprised them very much indeed. The horsemen in single file suddenly appeared out of a draw to the east and headed for the rock where the lads were in hiding. "Look!

This incident, unfortunately, attracted too much of the attention of the crew, and ere they could prevent it another boat reached the bow of the ship, the crew of which sprang up the side like cats, formed on the forecastle, and poured a volley upon the men. "Follow me, lads!" shouted the captain, as he sprang forward like a tiger.

When I considered the matter, with a sickness for home in my heart, it seemed much as if my proper place was with my parents, and there, if trouble should come, I would be able to strike a blow in defence of those I loved; but while listening to the conversation of the soldiers, and being brought to understand how sorely the colonists needed the aid which should come from their midst, I said to myself that strong, hulking lads like our Minute Boys ought to be ashamed to do other than remain in the service, doing their part in showing the king that we would have no more of his misrule.

"Remember, my lads, we shall have to give and take some hard blows; but sharp's the word, and she'll be ours before her people know what we are after," exclaimed Hanks, in an inspiriting tone. It was an exciting moment. As we drew near, we could count some twelve men or more on her deck. We were by this time well over on the British half of the Channel.

At that time I would suggest that I came down and knocked on the cupboard door to notify you that all was well." Sam was glowing with frank approval. "You know, you're a master-mind!" he said, enthusiastically. "You're very kind, sir!" "One of the lads, by Jove!" said Sam. "And not the worst of them! I don't want to flatter you, but there's a future for you in crime, if you cared to go in for it."

I hope not, for I don't love her much; nor, for that matter, anything else. I wish she would place me with the Tribune's lady, and then we'll see who among the lads will call Angelo Villani bastard." With that the boy fell to work again at his sword with redoubled vigour.

Mr and Mrs Ross were much pleased and amused at the genuine excitement of the lads as they realised the wondrous transformation wrought by this first wintry storm, and the possibilities it opened up to them for other kinds of sport, than those in which, for some time past, they had been so deeply interested.

As they were returning with two baskets of fish, the fowls of Lu leaped up to peck at the fish. The lads caught and killed the precious preserve, or Sa Moa, and ran off with them to the heavens. In the morning Lu missed the fowls, and went off in search of them. He saw from the unbroken early morning cobwebs across the roads east and west, that no one had passed along there.

A man to marry the best creature that ever put on a pretty bonnet, and to carry her to a god-forsaken shore like this! And to ill-treat her there! Aye, that's it. If ever a woman's eyes spoke to me of hard treatment, it was Ruth Bellenden's this morning. She's some trouble, lads, some dreadful trouble. She doesn't even speak of it to me.

You can sit down, too, and take some of the bread and cheese which we put in our pockets, because we could not eat it at the last place we went in. I will keep my boot off, to ease my foot; and we can eat our bread and cheese, as slowly as we like." "That will do capitally, Percy." In another couple of minutes the two lads were sitting, as agreed, upon the step of a door close to the cafe.